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   Chapter 23 The First Night After Marriage

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The door was opened, and the servant outside was about to knock on the door. The servant took back her action and breathed a sigh of relief. The servant had knocked on the door for a long time, but it didn't open. At first, the servant thought something had happened to Joy. She was so anxious that she was about to call Jimmy.

In fact, this was the sleeping habit of Joy. If it weren't for someone shaking her, she would have been difficult to wake up, so she didn't hear the knock on the door just now.

"Madam, it's time for you to go downstairs for dinner."

Surprised, Joy turned to look out of the window and found it was sunset.

"I'll get washed first."

After saying that, Joy closed the door and went back to her bedroom without looking at the servant again.

Joy walked to the bedside table and took out her phone. It was just half past five, and she set the alarm for six o'clock. She didn't expect to be woken up in advance. Joy muttered a little, and then went to the cloakroom to change her clothes.

Two minutes later, she changed her clothes and went downstairs quietly.

She walked carefully as if she was afraid of being found.

At the corner of the stairs on the first floor, she peeped around the living room secretly. She didn't go downstairs until she didn't see Jimmy.

The night always came very fast, and Joy was also frightened in the night.

Tonight was the first night after they got married.

At this time, Joy stood in front of the window of the bedroom and watched the outside without blinking. She had been in this state for more than two hours, but she did not see Jimmy's car coming back.

Don't think too much. She was not looking forward to seeing Jimmy. She just want to know when Jimmy will come back and make preparations in advance for a fierce battle.

Joy rais

ere, she couldn't show it. It was fucking depressed.

Although Jimmy was reading the magazine, he noticed Joy's reaction from the corner of his eyes, including her disappointment that she had hidden all the time.

"What? You don't want to see me?"

Jimmy's cold voice came from behind the magazine.

Hearing this, Joy's heart beat harder. She looked around with a guilty conscience, but her words were obviously lack of confidence.

"No, I didn't. This is your home."

As soon as she finished her words, Jimmy smashed the magazine on the tea table. He stared at her with his sharp eyes, which made Joy nervous.

"Come here."

"Do you want me to hug you?"

Looking at Joy who stood still, Jimmy's cold tone became colder.

Joy didn't want to go, but when she heard that he was going to hold her, she was frightened and hurried over. But before she could stand firm, she felt that her hand was pulled by him and her whole body was pouncing on him.

Jimmy took over Joy, held her in his arms, and just kissed her.

Joy stared at Jimmy with her big eyes. Apparently, Joy was still in a daze.

Jimmy opened his eyes and looked at the wandering Joy. He bit her unhappily to punish her distraction.

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