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   Chapter 21 I Will Treat Her Well

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Tears streamed down her face all of a sudden and fell on Sean's shoulder, soon wetting a large area.

Sean was a tall man. He was only eighteen years old, but a head taller than her. She was held tightly by him and couldn't see his face, so she didn't see the depressed expression on his face.

"Sean... Sean. " Sobbed Joy.

"I'm sorry, Sean."

His hands froze. Sean knew that he couldn't persuade Joy to stay, but he didn't want to let her go, neither did he want to. But the reality force him to give it up.

Even though he was reluctant to part with her, he still let go of her and looked at Joy with a smile. Only he knew how much pain and forbearance the smile was.

"Sister, since you have made up your mind, you can leave now. I don't want you to be embarrassed. I come out to see you off."

As he spoke, Sean reached out his hand to touch her head and continued, "Don't cry. My sister has always been the strongest and the most beautiful. Look at you, you are like the little kitten at home now."

Joy smiled through tears. She was not like the lazy and greedy kitten at all.

She was gratified that the little boy who used to run after her had become so sensible and learned to comfort her.

"Joy!" Jimmy's cold voice came from behind. They turned around and looked at Jimmy leaning against the car.

Jimmy got more and more impatient.

"Mr. Go, I hope you can treat my sister well and don't make her sad. If you make her sad one day, I will try my best to take her away."

Jimmy raised his eyebrows and didn't say anything. He pulled Joy beside him and pushed her into the passenger seat. He bowed his head and buttoned up his suit jacket before looking up at him indifferently. "Don't worry. I will treat her well.

Jimmy stressed the word "well" on purpose. Then he got on the car and started the car without looking at Sean again.

In the rearview mirror, the figure of Sean slowly became smaller and smaller until he disappeared.

Perhaps Sean's love for Joy could be hidden from the world, but it couldn't be hidden from Jimmy. They had the same feelings deep in their hearts, but the former had found out, and the latter was still deceiving himself.

As soon as they arrived at the villa, the car stopped. Before Joy unfastened her seat belt, Jimmy got out of the car and slammed the door. Then he walked into the villa without looking back. He didn't even look at Joy next to him.

Looking at the direction he disappeared, Joy was dumbfounded that the narrow-minded man just didn't carry her luggage.

Despite her complaints, Joy got out of the car, pulled down the suitcase from the back seat, closed the door, and walked towards the door.

When they entered the villa, Joy looked around, but didn't see Jimmy. She couldn't help but feel a little angry. What did he mean by asking her to move to the villa, but he didn't make it clear where she lived.

If she lived with such a cold man, she might be awakened by his coldness in the middle of the night, and she might suffer from inflamed joints.

There were only a few maids cleaning the living room. Joy walked up to one of the maids and wanted to ask her if Jimmy was upstairs, but she just walked to her. Before she could say anything, the maid ignored her and left.

"Hello, Madam! I'm the butler of this villa. W

hat can I do for you? " When Joy was about to ask a maid who was wiping the glass window, an old voice came from behind her.

Joy turned around and saw the man. He was about more than 50 years old, wearing a suit and full of spirit.

Seeing that Joy was looking at him up and down, he slightly bent down and nodded to her. He showed great respect for her, but for some reason, Joy felt that his respect was not enough, and even a little hate.

Joy shook her head secretly. How could it be possible? She must have thought too much. It was the first time they met. How could the Butler hate her for no reason?

"Madam, Mr. Go asked me to move your luggage to the bedroom." The Butler's words interrupted her thoughts. Before she could respond, a man in black took the suitcase in her hand and went upstairs.

Since her luggage had been moved away, Joy didn't say anything more. She nodded to the butler and followed the man in black.

When she walked all the way to the door of Jimmy's bedroom, she saw the man in black open the door and put down his luggage, and then leave. Joy was depressed.

She knew that Jimmy wouldn't let her stay in a bedroom alone.

Until she put down her luggage and sorted out the bedroom, Jimmy still didn't show up. She didn't know what he was busy with.

Today was supposed to be working day, but since the company had been merged successfully, the boss was happy. He not only invited the employees to dinner, but also specially gave them two days off, so today Joy didn't have to work.

However, there were also some employees who voluntarily gave up the two days' holiday and chose to continue to work overtime to complete the tasks piled up before, and Amy was one of them.

She and Amy had worked in the same newspaper for many years. Amy was a little cold and seldom talked to others, so she had no friends in the company.

Joy didn't dare to say anything to Amy. Joy could only say that there was something useful about works. In the first one or two years when they worked together, Joy didn't talk to her many times, but sometimes Joy felt it was a coincidence. They were often arranged to carry out tasks together, so they were naturally familiar with each other.

But Joy forgot to put away the unfinished document on the table since she went out to have fun with her colleges last time. She took out her phone and called Amy.

After a short while, the phone was connected. The sound of fingers typing on the keyboard and the sound of paper turning were transmitted to the other end of the phone along with Amy's cold voice.

"Who is it?"

At this time, in the cubicle of the office of the editing department, Amy, dressed in a long floral dress and with long hair all over her head, was very busy. She had no time to make a phone call with her hand, but put the phone between her ear and shoulder.

"Amy, are you in the newspaper office now? " Hearing the voice of Joy, Amy stopped typing, put down the documents in her hand and took the phone on her shoulder with the other hand.

"What's up?" Amy asked.

Joy didn't get angry with her reaction. She knew that Amy had already treated her well.

"I left the document on the table. Can you help me put it away?" After saying that, Joy waited quietly for the response from the other end of the phone.

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