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   Chapter 20 What Should I Do If You Leave

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It was not until she finished her words that Joy realized how presumptuous she was. But she was too sad and he must piss her off right now.

"Can you say it again?"

Sure enough, Jimmy was angry. He raised Joy's chin, looked into her eyes and said word by word.

He was so angry that his breath was so cold that the surrounding temperature dropped.

"You are mad. You think that the whole world is centered on you. Who do you think you are? Do you really think you are God? I tell you the truth that no one would like to talk to you unless you are rich! "

Joy endured the discomfort and said stubbornly.

Seeing her sad look, Jimmy heart was hurt, but that feeling came quickly and disappeared before he could really touch that feeling.

Jimmy snorted and let go of her.

As soon as she was released, Joy took a few steps back and kept a distance between them, her eyes full of vigilance.

Looking at her alienation, Jimmy felt something blocked his chest and felt stuffy. He kicked away the clothes that fell at his feet and walked out without looking back.

When Jimmy's figure disappeared in her sight, Joy was so angry that she took off her shoes and threw them at the door. Feeling that it was not enough, she took out the clothes that had been tidied up and put in the suitcase, and smashed them at the door.

Sean came to the door and caught a glimpse of something flying to him. Before he could react, those clothes were hung on him.

Joy didn't expect that Sean would come to her at this time. Looking at him who was entangled like a mummy, Joy strode forward and helped him take off his clothes.

"Sister, what are you doing?" As soon as clothes were taken off, Sean asked in a questioning voice.

"I'm just doing cleaning. Why did you suddenly appear?" Joy bent down and picked up the clothes on the ground.

He walked into the room and sat on her bed. Looking at Joy, Sean didn't say anything.

Joy put all the things she was going to take into the suitcase and took a deep breath before sitting down to have a talk with him.

"Sean, I can't take care of dad every day, so you have to pay more attention to him, and..."


He looked into her eyes and asked seriously, "Do you really love the man outside?"

He was not stupid. He felt that the matter between her and Jimmy. He was worried that she was forced to marry Jimmy. Sean didn't want her to suffer any troubles because of anything.

Although he had only met Jimmy two times, Sean felt that he was very dangerous. Joy couldn't control such a dangerous and powerful man.

Hearing his question, Joy avoided his eyes and said with a smile, "Love is not that important. As you can see, he is a good man, at least in appearance and family background."

Sean frowned at her tangled fingers.

He was only eighteen years old, but he seemed to have seen through everything.

"Sister, you are lying. You know what? Every time you lie, you will turn your finger over. It has never changed for so man

y years. "

He looked up at the stunned Joy.

"I remember that your dream was to marry a man who loved you and loved you as much as he could. At that time, I knew that you want to be loved by someone who really care of you."

The fake smile on Joy's face was forcefully removed by his words.

She sighed and touched his head as she did when she was a child.

"Sean, you are still young.... No, you're not young anymore. You know more than I do. But so what? My life is never up to me. I believe that Jimmy will treat me well. Don't worry.

Sean avoided her touch and looked at Joy helplessly, "Sister..."

He knew better than anyone what Joy had suffered these years.

Joy raised her wrist and looked at her watch. Half an hour had passed. She was afraid that Jimmy would be impatient, so she stood up.

"Sean, I have to go now. Remember to take good care of dad. Don't worry about the money. I will come back often."

Joy stood up and walked towards the door with her suitcase.

There was only Sean left in the empty room, sitting alone. The lonely breath lingered around him, looking like an abandoned kitten.

When Joy went downstairs with her luggage, Jimmy was leaning against the car sluggishly, with his long legs crossed and a cigarette almost burnt out in his hand.

Joy slowly walked towards him with her luggage. Jimmy threw away the cigarette in his hand, crushed it with his feet, and came to carry her luggage.

However, Joy bypassed him and opened the back door. She put the suitcase inside and sat in directly, ignoring his stretched hands.

Jimmy felt annoyed. He bent down to open the door of the back seat and took Joy out of the car. Ignoring her resistance, he pushed her into the front passenger seat.

After making sure that the door of the passenger seat was locked from the outside, he went around to the other side, opened the door and got in. Not long after, the car slowly drove with the sound of Joy knocking at the door.

However, just as the car was about to drive out of the alley, there was the voice of Sean from behind.

At first, Joy thought she heard it wrong, so she looked back several times but didn't see Sean. It was not until the car turned a corner and she saw him from the rearview mirror that she was sure it was him.

"Jimmy, stop the car."

Of course, Jimmy also saw Sean who was chasing after the car. Hearing that she asked him to stop the car, he frowned, but still stopped the car.

Joy opened the door and got off. At this time, Sean had run over, out of breath.

As soon as he came up, Sean hugged Joy.

Joy was held back a few steps before she steadied herself.

Jimmy also got off the car and frowned when he saw them hugging together.

Sean was so strong that Joy almost couldn't breathe. She put her hands on Sean's chest, hoping to push him away, but he held her more tightly.

"Sister, can you stay here?"

"If you leave, what should I do?"

Hearing what Sean said, Joy stopped pushing his chest.

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