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   Chapter 2 Go And Find That Woman

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Looking at Jimmy's profile, which was sharp as a knife, she noticed that there was obvious humor in his eyes, as if he was enjoying the show.

Before Joy could figure out how to convince him, Jimmy had already put his arm around her waist and gently pulled her toward him. There wasn't even an inch of space between the two of them.

Joy could feel the strength of his muscles, which made her heart beat faster.

Jimmy's face was so close to her that Joy thought he was going to kiss her. Her delicate hands were drenched in sweat.

"I want this!"

said Jimmy suddenly, as he loosened his grip on her. Joy staggered backward.

He deftly snatched the micro bug from her back pocket.

"Hey, give that back to me. It's mine!"

Joy was furious.

"There is nothing else I want from you except this. If you want me to save you, you'd better do as I say,"

warned Jimmy, not bothering about Joy's anger. He turned around and tossed the bug to his assistant who had just stood up.

"What's wrong, Mr. Gu? Why are you against my Taxing Gang today?"

asked the man with the gold necklace. He knew that things were not so simple now. It was one thing to retrieve the bug from a woman, but in Jimmy's hands, it might be very dangerous.

"Your Taxing Gang has done lots of bad things in A city in the past few years. The higher authorities have issued an order that whoever obtains evidence of the crime will be rewarded two million dollars in cash." Then he looked at Joy and remarked, "No wonder so many people are scrambling to get it!"

Gritting her teeth, Joy thought to herself, 'Good for you, Jimmy! You're really good at taking advantage of a situation. Now you've traded my life for it!'

However, the drug dealer didn't look worried. On the contrary, he sneered, "Mr. Gu, do you care about a mere two million?"

"No, I don't." Jimmy answered generously, "But I need this evidence of your smuggling and drug deals."

The man with the gold necklace thought that his opponent could not be easily offended. Finally, the drug lord gave up. He waved his hand and snorted, "Guys, let's go!"

Watching the thugs leave, Joy turned around and held out her hand in front of Jimmy. "Give it to me!" she demanded.

Jimmy was taken aback, "What?"

"Two million!" Joy was anxious. "You just said that the reward for the person who can get evidence of the crime was two million dollars. You've got the evidence. Now, where is the money?"

"No way! I hate women like you who are willing to do anything for money. You have some nerve!"

Jimmy turned around and walked out of the room without looking back. Joy was about to follow him when she was stopped by two bodyguards. "Miss, please behave yourself."

Joy was so annoyed that she almost cried. "That money is really important to me! Please give me back the evidence or the money."

"If you want money, come to the Gu Group!"

Came Jimmy's voice from afar.

In a cramped alley, there was an old tube-shaped building. The warm yellow lighting inside instantly put people at ease.


en Joy entered the room, Sean Mu was still awake.

He was bent over the desk in front of the window, and his freshly-cut hair was glowing in the light. At his feet lay pieces of ceramic tiles.

"Sister!" said Sean Mu happily when he spotted Joy at the door. He stood up and walked over to her.

"Did he lose his temper again?"

Joy asked, looking at the door of the master bedroom.

Sean Mu nodded dejectedly.

Joy was only a few years older than him, who was a freshman.

"I see. Don't worry, just go back to your room and get some rest. I'll clean it up."

"Thank you, sister!"

"Be good!"

Sean Mu didn't dare to refuse his sister's order.

After cleaning up the fragments on the ground, Joy put on a floral apron and headed to the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles for Jay Mu.

"Knock, knock, knock!" She didn't get a response, so she pushed the door open and entered the room.

Jay Mu wasn't asleep. He was sitting in his wheelchair and staring at the photo frame on the desk.

"Dad, I've made egg noodles. Would you like some?"

asked Joy, placing the bowl in front of Jay.

"Get out!"

Joy stood still.

"I said get out! Didn't you hear me? Leave!"

"Dad, please!"

"Don't call me Dad. You are not my daughter."

Joy couldn't help but burst into tears.

Jay raised his hand and knocked over the bowl of food. The hot soup fell on the back of her hand and soon a big blister appeared.

"Why do you say that I am not your daughter? I have had your family name for twenty years. After your legs were paralyzed, I served you and took care of you. I even made money to support Sean's education. What have I done wrong? Why do you not consider me as your daughter?"

Joy's tears rolled down her cheeks like pearls scattering from a broken necklace. The grief she had suffered over the years and the unhappiness between father and daughter seemed to be poured out at this moment.

Jay Mu didn't expect Joy to talk back today. In the past, she had always tolerated his temper and never retaliated.

Joy was sobbing hard. She covered her face with her hands and slid down against the wall onto the cold floor.

"I'm your daughter. Otherwise, why did you protect me under your body when the car accident happened?"

That was how his legs were paralyzed.

He was the reason she was alive today.

She had no choice but to endure her father's ill-treatment over the years. It was also the reason why she still treated Sean as her own brother even after finding out the truth.

Jay started at the wall and remained mute. Joy was tired of crying. She tidied up the room and walked out.

Sean stood outside distressed. When he saw Joy, his lips moved and his eyes turned red.

"Don't worry. We'll have money soon and then we'll take Dad abroad for surgery,"

she comforted Sean as she poured the remaining soup into the trash can. However, Sean couldn't control himself anymore and rushed over to hug Joy tightly.

"Sister, go and find that woman. Maybe she can give you a better life. Don't come back here."

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