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   Chapter 1 Nice To Meet You, Mr. Gu

CEO's Trap: Give You All My Love By Chang An Characters: 8760

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A cold wind was howling in the winter night. A silver Volkswagen Santana was speeding along the snow-laden asphalt road.

In the car, Joy Mu, a sixteen-year-old girl, looked nervously at the man next to her. She had called him father for more than ten years.

The man was gripping the steering wheel so excitedly that his knuckles had turned pale.


said Joy Mu cautiously as she reached out and tugged on his sleeve.

He shook off her hand and yelled with a twisted expression, "Don't call me Dad! I'm not your father."

"Waa, waa!"

Police sirens wailed in the distance behind them.

"Attention, car number 6758! Please pull over."

The man was not affected by the warning. He stepped on the gas and sped ahead. Then he fished out his phone from his pocket and tossed it to her. "Call up your mother and ask her to save you. Hurry up!"

The phone rang and her mother answered the call.

"Hello? Do you want money again? I have already told you... You cannot call me on this number,"

a woman said irritably in a hushed tone.

"Mom? It's me."

It felt so strange to say that word. Joy Mu had thought she was different from others as she was born without a mother.

The woman on the phone paused for a while. She never expected the person on the other line to be her daughter.

"Marry, listen! You have lied to me for so many years. I'm going to die with this bastard child. I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life!"

roared the man, who had grabbed the phone. He threw it out of the window after he was done.

"Watch out!"

The surge of adrenaline coursing through him distracted him from the road and he failed to notice the road ahead. A large truck of containers suddenly appeared on the highway. The man swerved sharply to avoid a collision but it was too late.

"Bang!" The car rammed into the truck. In a moment of desperation, Joy Mu raised her arm to protect the man's head.

The Imperial City, an entertainment club, was located in the center of A City.

It was known for being the favorite haunt of the rich and famous who spent more money here in one night than three years' salary of ordinary people.

Joy Mu secretly followed a man with a big waist and a gold necklace. He looked nouveau riche. Behind him was a large group of strong bodyguards.

The interior decoration in the Imperial City was particularly magnificent. The man with the golden necklace seemed to be a regular guest there. The manager immediately stepped forward and bowed to greet him.

The manager led them to room 414, where another group of people was already waiting.

The man with the gold necklace was the biggest drug dealer in A City!

Joy Mu sneaked into the bathroom, took out the uniform she had carried in advance and changed into it. Amy Shen waited at the door with a room service cart. As soon as Joy Mu stepped out of the bathroom, Amy Shen handed her the cart and made a gesture discreetly, indicating that she and the editor would be waiting for her outside.

Joy pushed the cart forward and secretly signaled OK!

The cart stopped at the gate of room 414. Joy was about to walk in when she was stopped by two bodyguards dressed in black.

"What are you doing?"

"Here's the lobster!"

Joy was so nervous that her palms were sweating, but she pretended to be unaffected.

The two bodyguards were wary. They immediately opened the lid to double-check.

After confirming there was nothing unusual inside, they allowed her in.

She took a bracing breath and pushed the cart into the room.

Inside, the man in the gold necklace was talking to an American man with a dragon tattoo on his arm. When he heard the door open, he frowned slightly.

Joy immediately indicated that she was there to deliver the food. She put the lobster on the table and quickly placed the micro bug in her hand under the table.

When she was done, she turned to leave.

"Stop!" said the drug lord suddenly.

Joy's heart lurched but she turned around with a bright smile.

"Do you need anything else, Sir?"

"Why is there no number on your uniform?"

he asked gruffly and went close to her for a better look. All the waiters in the Imperial City had their badge numbers pinned onto their uniforms.

'Oh no! I must have left it in the bathroom,' Joy thought in panic.

"Knock, knock, knock!"

Joy was

scrambling to find an excuse when there was a knock on the door. Everyone turned their attention to the door.

It was Amy, who entered dressed like a waitress.

She strode over to Joy and opened her hand. There was a golden badge in it.

"Joy, you left your badge in the bathroom. You'd better pin it on your uniform. If the manager catches you without it, he will deduct your salary this month."

Breathing a sigh of relief, Joy hurriedly took it from Amy and put it on. She was about to hug Amy gratefully, but when she saw the people in the room, she immediately corrected herself and said, "Thank you, Amy."

The man with the gold necklace peered at the number 116 on Joy's chest and seemed mollified. He allowed her to leave after that.

After about half an hour, Joy estimated that they might have finished eating and accompanied the other two waiters to bring back the dishes. There was a big mess in the room. Empty wine bottles and plates were strewn all over the table.

Joy walked over to the table and stole a quick peek at the people in the room. As she tidied up the table, she bent down a little and removed the micro bug quietly.

After cleaning up the mess, Joy was about to push the cart out.

The man with the gold necklace inadvertently swept his eyes over the other waitress's chest. He noticed there were two number 116s!


the boss suddenly shouted. Joy pretended not to hear him and continued to push the cart out.

"Hey! Stop her!"

On his command, a dozen big guys emerged from the shadows and surrounded Joy.

"What are you doing?"

Joy hid the bug behind her and held up her hands. She smiled stiffly and said, "Nothing!"

"What are you hiding back there? Show me!"

Naturally, they weren't buying her bullshit. A strong, tall man stepped forward, intending to do a body search on her. Of course, Joy refused and it ended up becoming a scuffle.

Joy knew that some shady transaction must have taken place just before she entered. If the bug fell into the hands of these people, it would be difficult for her to save herself.

"Damn it!"

Joy was no match for the bodyguard, so she kicked him in the crotch when he was distracted. The man doubled over in pain and Joy found her exit. She ran for her life.

"Why are you standing there? Go after her!" bellowed the boss, trying to chase her.

Joy sprinted as fast as she could and knocked down several waiters en route. Her uniform was stained with wine and various other foods. She was in a very dangerous situation.

Seeing that the people behind her were getting closer and closer, she had no choice but to escape into a random room and hide inside.

Inside the room, people were drinking and dining. Everyone stopped eating and stared at her incredulously.

Joy scratched her head awkwardly and continued her role as a waitress. "Is there anything else I can get for you?" she asked politely.

Everyone turned to look at the man sitting on the host's seat at the head of the dining table.

Following everyone's gaze, Joy was disappointed to see the host.

He was a very good-looking man in a black suit. His eyebrows were as thick as a bush and his eyes were as deep as the ocean.

He stared at Joy with his eyebrows raised.

As soon as he stood up, someone rushed into the room.

"Ah!" Joy cried and ran across the room.

"How dare you! Don't you know that the boss is here? You can't just burst into Mr. Gu's dinner casually!"

A young man in his twenties suddenly stood up and snapped at the intruders. It seemed that he was the host's assistant.

The man with the gold necklace was smoking a cigar.

"Mr. Gu, nice to meet you. I'm pursuing someone. Please excuse my interruption,"

Jimmy Gu was the eldest grandson of Commander Gu and the youngest and most promising president of the Gu Group. He was well-known in A City. The drug dealer had also heard of this man.

"Mr. Gu, please help me."

Afraid that the thugs would capture her if Jimmy Gu allowed it, Joy ran behind him and grabbed his sleeve tightly.

Jimmy Gu looked at her hands coldly. They were white and soft, and unlike a man's hands. He raised his eyes to find a beautiful face with panic written all over it as well as a hint of stubbornness in her eyes.

"How can I benefit by saving you?"

Jimmy Gu's voice was as clear as spring water.

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