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   Chapter 117 It Was Edmund

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When she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar figure sitting in front of the bed. Lollo wanted to say something, but she couldn't speak.

She reached out her hand to touch him. The man turned around and smiled when he saw her wake up. "Oh, my lady, you finally wake up. If you don't wake up, I will call the police."

Although he looked like him, he was not Harrison...

"I'm thirsty..." She squeezed the word out of her throat. Hearing that she was thirsty, he immediately became nervous. "Wait a moment, I'll get you some water."

He immediately stood up and hurriedly picked up a glass of water for her and helped her drink the water. It took a long time for Lollo to really see the person clearly. It was none other than Edmund.

"How could it be you?"

"I don't know. Someone sent me a message that day, asking me to go to the company. When I arrived at the company, I saw that scene..."

It was two days ago.

Thinking of what had happened that night, Lollo became nervous at once. Noticing that she was anxious, he came straight to the point and said, "Don't worry. Nothing happened that night. I took you to the doctor that day. The doctor said you are all right. You are just frightened. As for the clothes on you, I asked a servant to change them for you. Those who wanted to rape you have already been locked up. You can decide how to deal with them..."

After a long pause, he added, "Lollo, I'm not blaming you. You're just a little girl. You should be more careful. Why did you go to the company alone at night? If I hadn't gone there, you would have been..." He shouldn't have said that. He also felt that he had cared too much. "Forget it. Since it's all right now, I won't say it anymore. Just be more careful in the future..."

They were silent for a long time, and the embarrassing atmosphere lingered in the air. After a long time, the quiet atmosphere was suddenly broken by a thank you!

"Thank you... Than

Sarah's assistant said, he stayed with her just because of novelty. Now that Sarah had come back, he would naturally get back together with Sarah.

At the thought of this, Lollo felt inexplicably upset. What on earth did he feel about her? He was nice to her, but he had never said he loved her.

He said he didn't like Sarah, but Sarah was in partnership with his company and now he went on a business trip for her.

She never knew what he was thinking.

She didn't know what had happened before nor what would happen in the future. Just like she suddenly went into his life at that time, she was confused.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. It took her a long time to find the telephone. If it weren't for the fact that she lost her phone, Lollo wouldn't have found that this telephone could answer phone calls. However, there was no caller ID. It must be a call from Harrison. He couldn't find her, so he called home.

Lollo answered the phone excitedly.

But it was not from Harrison, but a burst of rapid breathing of two people, a man and a woman...

Then a woman's voice came, "Will you really marry me, Harrison?"

"Of course, I'm tired of Lollo. She's just a college student."

"You are married to her, didn't you? How are you going to divorce her with your identity?"

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