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   Chapter 116 Danger

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"Since you are here, why leave?"

They began to approach Lollo who raised her hand and stammered, "I'm telling you, you're plagiarizing business secrets. I'll call the police. You will go to jail for this..."

"Call the police?" One of them put on an evil smile and said, "You're Harrison's wife, aren't you? Although you're average looking, you're more beautiful than on TV. We're neither employees of this company nor under Harrison's control. Now that Harrison is not here, who else can you tell us on?

Mrs. Lollo, if you are missing, do you think Harrison will still in the mood to manage the company's affairs?"

What? Missing?

Lollo had understood what they were going to do. They were going to kidnap her!

'Damn it! If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have come to the company. I didn't catch the bad guy, now I am putting myself in danger'.

Lollo really didn't know what to do!

What should she do? 'Should I call him?' 'If she made calls before them, she would be courting death. She doesn't want her phone to be smashed like this.'

He had planned to stall them and make a phone call when the time was right, but Harrison called her back at the critical time!

'What the hell? He was not doing her a favor but putting her in danger! Lollo took out her cell phone, and one of them directly went forward and grabbed it.

"Oh, dear husband? It must be Harrison, right?"



The phone suddenly smashed into pieces!

Her phone... But it seemed that life was more important than cell phone now.

"Look, now you have destroyed my phone, and I can't call the police. How about you leave first? I promise, as long as you don't come here again, I won't call the police." When she got out of here, she would definitely ask the police to arrest them!

"You promise?

s now in a daze. She had lost all her strength, but she still resisted with her remaining strength.

"I prefer to have sex with a woman than fight against them!"

The man wanted to lower his head again and kiss Lollo, but he stopped after a loud noise outside.

"What's going on? What a bummer!" He shouted impatiently. There was no reply from outside, but a louder noise!

He stood up impatiently.

The last memory in Lollo's mind was that the man stood up and then she kept forcing herself not to close her eyes.

Vaguely, she saw the figure outside and the intermittent sound of fighting, until a familiar face rushed in. "Lollo, Lollo..."

'It's Harrison! It's Harrison!'!

Lollo smiled and didn't close her eyes until he hugged her.

He looked at the wound on Lollo's face and her half exposed shoulder, he immediately took off his coat and put it on her. "How could this be? How could it be? Lollo, wake up! Lollo!"

He called her twice, but she didn't answer him. Then he immediately wrapped her body, picked her up and ran outside.

In fact, Lollo had tried her best to open her eyes. She looked at his nervous face and didn't fall asleep until she was sure that it was Harrison!

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