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   Chapter 115 Someone Stole The Document

Billionaire's Sweetie: Honey All The Time By Xu Shinian Characters: 6237

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It was not until Lollo received Alice's call that she finally understood why Cory suddenly became so interested in Alice.

"Lollo, who was that man that day?"

"He is Cory. What's wrong?"

"Who is he?"

"He seems to know Harrison, but besides that, I know nothing about him. What happened?"

"Nothing. You can hang up now..."

She said impatiently, which made Lollo lost in thought. She always felt that something had happened, and then she took a taxi directly to Alice's Community.

She didn't remember which building Alice lived in. The neighborhood looked exactly the same, and she had bad sense of directions. Later, she finally found her apartment by the crooked tree downstairs.

"Alice..." Lollo knocked at the door, but no one answered the door. She called Alice. She heard the phone ringing, but Alice just didn't come out.

The sound insulation effect of her door was not good, so Lollo could hear her sobbing clearly!

"Alice, I know you are at home. Open the door. What happened?"

Lollo was anxious to death. Finally, Alice opened the door and Lollo saw her red and swollen face.

As soon as she saw Lollo, she hugged her. Unprepared, Lollo's arm got pressed and she could feel that her wound opened up. But she still endured the pain and asked, "Alice, what happened? Tell me."

"Lollo..." Alice sobbed. It was hard for her to speak it out, so she began to cry again.

Seeing that she was so sad, Lollo didn't ask anymore. Instead, she stayed with her. Sometimes, what she needed was not a comfort, nor a shoulder, but a person staying by her side.

After some time, she was tired from crying. She leaned back against Lollo and said, "Lollo, if I say that I slept with that man, what would you say?"

"What?" Lollo raised her voice. Was she talking about Cory?

"Alice, tell me what happened."

"I don't know. I don't kn

out directly. If they saw her, they would definitely beat her to death. No, no, they might even torture her to death.

There were two men in front of her. She was an injured little woman...

At this time, the first person she thought of was Harrison. She immediately called him. But she was too anxious that she forgot Harrison was not here now.

Sure enough, it didn't get through!

Then who should she call now? Alice? No, it's too dangerous...

She found that most of the contact in her hands were girls. First of all, they didn't know where Eckes Group was. Moreover, they were far away from her. Even if she called them, they wouldn't be able to get here in time.

When she was still wondering whom she should call, her phone rang. It was from Harrison.

"He called me at this time!'!

Lollo hurriedly hung up the phone. When she looked up, she found that the two people who were looking at the computer just now had already walked in front of her.

"Ah. Haha, there must be some misunderstanding. I didn't hear anything..."

"What should we do?" The two of them looked at each other and then gave a dangerous smile.

What the hell? Were they really going to murder her? She didn't see anything. Lollo crawled out...

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