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   Chapter 51 June Was Dumped

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Love is poison. There is no antidote. Lollo had never thought that she would be so reluctant to leave him.

"Harrison, are you busy?"

"No, I'm not busy. What's wrong?"

"Then chat with me for a while. I am alone in the house... I am scared." She wasn't afraid before, but now that he had left, she felt no sense of security, so she was afraid.

With a smile, he said, "Okay, then I'll have a chat with you..."

Therefore, they chatted the whole night. She was amused by him, and then closed her eyes slightly. Finally, after confirming that she was asleep, Harrison began to work.

In the morning, when Lollo woke up, she couldn't help reaching out her hand to the pillow, but her hand reached on empty air. When she woke up, she realized that Harrison had left.

She got up, brushed her teeth and washed her face in a daze. She couldn't remember how long she hadn't gone to school. Although the teachers in the school didn't dare to record her skipping classes, she had to show some respect to them.

After washing up, she went back to the bed and looked at her cell phone. There was a message from Harrison. "Don't forget to have breakfast. Mr. Dan is in the car downstairs. He will drive you to and from school this week." She opened the window and saw a car downstairs.

Turning off the phone, Lollo smiled. She didn't expect that he would be so thoughtful.

Lollo was also very busy. She was a junior and would soon enter her senior year. She remembered that when the previous seniors left, they specially told alumnus to take care of alumna, but they did not know that those alumna were well-prepared for the coming of freshmen.

It was May now. The senior were busy with graduation, while the juniors busy looking for a job; sophomores were busy with dating, whereas freshmen were planning to dress themselves up during this holiday, so that they could hook up with a girl or a boy when the next yea

to be hurt!

However, to her surprise, June who had been like a wronged kid suddenly exploded. She fiercely shook off Lollo's hand with red eyes. "Lollo, who do you think you are? What rights do you have to judge others like this? What's wrong with Stephen Sun? He was just not as rich and handsome as Harrison. But I like him. Why did you blame him? So what if he cheated on me? So what if he has an affair? So what if he dumped me? You have no right to blame him. Just mind your own business. Can't you just leave me alone? "

After saying that, she ran away. Lollo stood still, feeling sad.

She looked at Linda with expectation in her eyes, but fortunately, Linda had experienced the same thing. "It's okay. Last night, when I comforted her like this, she also scolded me. But today, we are good. She just can't stand others blaming Stephen Sun."

There was omen before Stephen Sun had an affair. When Linda told Lollo that she had seen him entering the bar with other woman, Lollo almost threw away her mobile phone.

'Son of a bitch! He bullied my best friend and made me so sad. Most importantly, he has lied to her for so long. Now he even made June misunderstand me. '.

It was really unbearable!

Stephen Sun, I will find you and give you a piece of my mind!

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