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   Chapter 45 Dress Up For The Party

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She pretended not to see it, but when Harrison saw the dress, he still shook his head. "No, it's too mature. She's still a child..."

Damn it, he always said that she was a child, but she was already twenty years old. She was not a child anymore.

"What about this one?" The stylist took out a blue princess dress. The color was all right, but the blue was too pale. If the blue of the sky was deep as the blue of the ocean, then this kind of blue is like the blue in the eyes of the newborn baby. Seeing this, Lollo almost turned her head and scolded. She was an adult, but the stylist still asked her to wear sky blue dress. What's wrong with the dresser? He didn't even know how to match the clothes.

Needless to say, Harrison would definitely say no to such a dress. However, she never thought that...

After sizing it up, Harrison said indifferently, "This one looks good. She can wear this one!"

Lollo was startled. Was he kidding? She, wear this dress? This dress looked so refreshing... She didn't know how to describe it.

Harrison had already picked the dress for Lollo and before she knew it, the make-up was already done. Looking at herself in the mirror, she almost did not recognize herself. She looked totally different. Was this her?

The dresser had excellent make-up skills, which was dozens of times better than that of June!

Such a delicate makeup could only be described with one word -- beautiful!

She was a little narcissistic, but she looked really beautiful.

"Well, now Mrs. Lollo can change her clothes... You, take Mrs. Lollo to change her clothes!" The sissy man handed the clothes to a girl. After taking the clothes, she went to change the clothes for Lollo.

Walking out of the room, Lollo just lowered her head and looked at the shoes on her feet. This shoe was even more delicate than the crystal shoes of Cinderella.

Raising his head, Harrison stared blankly at her. He had never watched a woman like this before.

"Well, well, well. You looked like a lotus f

e legal wife of Harrison, just like a land owner announcing the sovereignty over the territory!

However, someone finally recognized her. "What sister? She is the wife of Harrison. Haven't you seen the news? Harrison married the daughter of the Shen Group. She is Mr. Paul's daughter, Lollo Shen..."

"Oh, yes, I remember. So she is Lollo? I didn't recognize her, but she is much more beautiful than in the photo."

She liked to hear that she was more beautiful than the photo. If the photo was not taken well, it was because of the poor skills of the cameraman. How could a blurry photo show her real temperament?

After being disappointed, she finally found a little bit of confidence, and she was very happy in her heart.

"Lollo, how does it feel to be worshiped like this?" Said Harrison all of a sudden.

After thinking for a while, Lollo said proudly, "Not bad. The reason why I'm worshiped is that I'm beautiful. If it were other women, they would have been stolen the limelight by you."

"Thank you."

"Hmm? I wasn't praising you. Why did you say thank you?"

"You said I would steal their thunder, which means I am very outstanding, right? Do you feel proud to be an excellent man like me?"

What? She was just praising herself, but he thought she was praising him. Lollo was helpless. Harrison was too narcissistic.

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