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   Chapter 31 Do You Want To Have An Affair With Me

Billionaire's Sweetie: Honey All The Time By Xu Shinian Characters: 6106

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"What are you thinking? Didn't you say you were hungry just now?"

"Ah... Nothing... "

If he knew what had just happened, he might scold himself.

No, why should she consider him? She thought too much!

This limo really gave her a different feeling. There was only one table and two chairs in such a large space.

What made her happiest was the dishes on the table.

Just by looking at it, her appetite increased greatly.

"Wow. Harrison, you are my prince charming. You have prepared so many dishes. You are amazing." Lollo praised sincerely.

Harrison laughed and said, "It's not a big deal. I have an appointment with a client near your school today. I took one portion to go for you."

"Well, I thought you made it especially for me."

"Lollo, daydreaming again? Cooking for you? Are you crazy? "

In fact, Lollo just said it casually. She didn't expect that he would retort so much.

Frowning, Lollo ignored him and began to eat.

He was speechless to see her enjoying each piece of meat contentedly.

What a foodie! He just watched her like this, and even forgot to eat.

"Why don't you eat?"

"Well... I... I've had it." Touching his belly, Harrison said, "I'm full. I packed it for you. Right, Gerry?"

He looked at Gerry, who was stunned and then nodded slowly and said, "Yes. Right."

He said so, but in his heart, he laughed secretly, 'You didn't eat at all. When you found that she didn't bring her wallet, you were anxious for the whole morning, wanting to send it to her but feeling embarrassed.' So you bought lunch in a five star restaurant and even cancelled the appointment with clients for her.

He didn't expect that the arrogant Harrison could be so childish.

"Here you are. You are a grown-up. How could you be so careless to leave your phone and wallet in the car?"

take anything. Why couldn't he let it go? Besides, he had never been afraid of being photographed, hadn't he?

"Well, Lollo, come here. I have something to tell you!"

"What? What is it? "

Lollo walked up to him suspiciously, but he whispered to her...

"I'm much better than Harrison. Why don't you divorce him and be with me?"

"What?" Lollo immediately jumped a few meters away from him vigilantly. What was this?

Confessing love? Or poaching?

Swallowing, Lollo took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Leone, please stop pulling my leg. I am busy, so I have to leave now. Talk to you later. Bye..."

After saying that, she fled there as fast as she could.

'Is that man crazy? Was there any deep hatred between Harrison and him? Why did he want to do this?

What a bad luck! She became the focus of the whole school at first, and now she provoked Leone for no reason. What did she do to him? How could he say something like that? She was scared at the thought of it!

Looking at the fleeing Lollo, Leone sneered and thought, 'Humph! This is the wife you find? The wife of the CEO-to-be of the Jing Group is just so-so!

However, since you like her. No matter how lame she is, I will take her!

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