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   Chapter 26 Do You Have A Fever

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Shouted Lollo.

The next moment, she was dragged into the bedroom.

"What's to shout about? Why are you shouting so loudly?"

"I, sleep in the same room with you?"

"Well, are you not willing to?"

When Lollo opened the door and was about to run out, she was lifted by the neck back to room. Then he pressed her against the wall.

At this moment, she really wanted to scream out, but her mouth was covered by him.

Lollo's two eyes were filled with tears.

"Hey, Lollo, don't look at me like that. Maybe I am the one who might be taken advantage of..."

She blinked her eyes, as if trying to say what you wanted to do.

"Don't think that I want to live in the same room with you. Don't you know that wall has ears? I have so many servants here. If someone spread the news that we two sleep in separate rooms, people might think that I'm not capable..."

Hearing such an explanation, Lollo was speechless.

He put down his hand directly and said, "I'm just kidding. I mean if the news of our fake marriage is spread out, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble."

"Aren't we really married?" Lollo scratched her head and said.

Harrison really didn't know how to explain to her. He patted her head and said, "Lollo, you are a pig. Have you ever seen a newly married couple sleep in separate rooms?"

"Well, well..."

But they couldn't sleep in the same room. Living in the same villa had caused a lot of trouble, and now she had to live in the room with him, isn't that torture?

"Since you are afraid of things being exposed, you can fire them all..."

"If I dismiss all of them. Who will do all the housework in the future? You?"

Will you sweep and mop the floor and wash clothes?

It was frightening to think about it. Lollo immediately shook her head and said, "No, no..."

"That's it. You can stay here from now on."

"Is there a sofa in the room? I can

ome pancakes and fruits.

Well, she really needed to "blackmail" him for a large sum of money before divorce, or she would really be sorry for herself.

After walking for an hour, Lollo finally found the main villa. She rushed to it as if she saw her family.

However, the threshold of the Jing Family was so high that she was tripped over on the ground...

"Ah... My leg." The two servants pulled Lollo up immediately.

Her legs were bleeding.

While Lollo was crying, Harrison immediately ran downstairs and saw her in such a mess.

His first reaction was to cover his mouth and snicker.

"Why are you laughing? I'm already so miserable..." Harrison stopped laughing after Lollo's scream.

He walked up to her and directly picked her up. The two servants next to him were really shocked.

"Lollo, you are so stupid that you can even fall on your feet..."

Her ears were so close to his heart that she could even hear his heartbeat.

Boom! Boom! Boom——

Lollo's face was as red as a ripe apple.

"What's wrong with you?"

Holding her in his arms, he saw her red face and touched her forehead with his hand.

They faced to each other.

Lollo seemed to have a fever of thirty-nine degrees. "Why are you so hot? Do you have a fever?"

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