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   Chapter 25 Lollo, Why Are You So Ugly

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"Lollo, why are you so silly?"

"Harrison, are you done?" Lollo glared at him, but he took a photo of her at this moment.

A perfect photo for emoji.

Holding the photo in his arms, Harrison laughed and said, "Haha, Lollo, you're so ugly."

Enough. You've gone too far, Harrison.

"Delete the photo."

He shook his head and said, "No way!"

"Delete the photo!"

"I will delete the photo if you cry..."

He knew she wouldn't cry, he did so just to irritate her.

"Since you don't delete the photo, don't blame me for being rude!"

Lollo rolled up her sleeves and was about to grab his phone. The car was swaying left and right.

Gerry, who was driving, had an impulse to jump out of the car.

They were displaying affection in front of him, a single man.

"Give me your phone."

"No, No. I won't..."

All of a sudden, Lollo pressed herself on Harrison, who put his phone away from her.

He stretched out his hand but Lollo was about to grab the phone. It's only one centimeter away.

All of a sudden, Harrison turned over. The situation was reversed now. Just now, Lollo was on Harrison, but now Harrison was on Lollo.

Such an action really made people's heart beat faster.

The car was swaying...

Maybe at this moment, they also realized what they were doing. Harrison immediately sat in his seat.

Lollo suddenly grabbed the phone back from his hand.

Harrison glanced at her.

The photo? Where is the photo?

Lollo opened the album and found her photos.

But it was not the photo he had taken just now, but her selfie and the group phone of her and June.

She was surprise to find these photos all in his phone.

She looked at Harrison in surprise. With a "don't thank me too much" expression on his face, Harrison said stubbornly

"I just took your phone to the phone store and restored the data. Your phone was broken, so I transferred all the data to my phone."

Looking through the photo album, Lollo smiled.

All of a sudden, she hugged him and said, "Thank you, Harrison..."

All of a sudden, he was stunned, as if something had poked him in the heart!

Looking at her happy face, he couldn't help laughing.

But gradually, her smile disappeared. "All the photos are here, except..." Allen's.

As expected, she found out.

At a loss, he looked out of the window and said, "Ah Well, the person who fixed the phone said that only half the data could be restored, so he cleaned up some garbage."

Speaking of garbage, he felt inexplicably happy.

He felt so happy to scold Allen.

Looking at him, Lollo knew he was lying.

Anyway, it's of no use now. Since he had left, why should she still miss him?

He would never come back.

"Thank you still, Harrison."

She was thanking him? After deleting the photo of Allen, she was still thanking him?

Feeling flattered, he said shamelessly, "What did you say? I didn't hear it clearl


"Really?" Lollo narrowed her eyes.

"Yes!" He nodded.

Then she leaned over his ear and said, "Thank you, Harrison,"

in an angry tone.

"I said I didn't hear you clearly, but I didn't say I didn't hear you. You're trying to murder your own husband. In the end, you weren't deaf, but I was deafened by your scream!"

"You deserve it. It's your own fault..."

After getting the phone, Lollo immediately turned into a little ingrate. Holding his head and crying bitterly, Harrison thought, 'I shouldn't have been so good to her.'.


In the JH villa.

When the car stopped, Lollo asked in surprise, "Why do you park here? Aren't we going to CQ community?"

"They are all my home. I can go wherever I want. It's none of your business."

"Well... Whatever!" 'Humph! So what if you are rich.'

Lollo snorted. How much she wanted to correct his bad habit---showing off.

But what could she do? He was really rich.

While walking, Lollo suddenly remembered something important. "Harrison, I've done my best to play your wife every day. How is the investigation that you have promised me?"

"Don't worry. I'm investigating it. I have found some clues, so you don't have to worry."

"I'm not in a hurry... The hell I am not in a hurry" Since I met you, I felt like I had entered a den of thieves. I want to get out of this circle earlier.

"What did you say?" He suddenly stopped and Lollo bumped into his back.

When he looked at her with scrutiny, she immediately waved her hand and said, "Nothing, nothing."

As soon as they entered the villa, the servants in order immediately greeted them with a formal attitude:

"Good afternoon, Mr. Terence and Mrs. Lollo. Welcome home..."

The sound was so loud that it could shake the whole villa.

Lollo immediately waved to everyone and said, "Hello, everyone. You can all go back to your business. It's very tired to stand like this."

But these people didn't take her words seriously. They stood still.

"Well, you can all go back to your own business." With a wave of his hand, they left one after another.

Lollo finally knew that they didn't take her seriously. These people must have done it on purpose.

They ignored her on purpose.

"Lollo, now you know who is the boss of this family?"

Lollo didn't want to talk to him.

Why are you so narcissistic? You are just rich. Big deal.

If he was not a playboy or narcissistic, be more reliable and considerate, he might be a good man.

But he was just like this, even he was the first young master... Second young master. Although he was from a rich family, he spoke and did things like a loser.

She was wondering whether he was the exception of the Jing Family.

Seeing that he went to the bedroom on the second floor, she followed him and asked, "Harrison, where do I sleep tonight?"

"Where do you sleep? With me of course."

"What did you say?"

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