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   Chapter 3 See You Again, Miss Lollo

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Before she could get out, the car was already driving quickly down the road.

The man sitting next to her was... No one other than Harrison!

Her eyes and mouth was wide open in shock. Seeing him there made her heart drop to her stomach.

At this point, there was no way she was going to get out of this car.

'What should I do?' Did Harrison already know that it was her who took the pictures? Was she going to die in the car?

Harrison looked at her up and down with cold eyes. "Lollo?"

She nodded timidly. "Yes..."

Unexpectedly, at this time, the expression on his face immediately changed completely. "Nice to meet you. My name is Harrison," he greeted as he stretch out his arm for a handshake.

For a few seconds, Lollo was still frozen in shock. Then, she gingerly reached out her hand as well. "Hello..." she stammered.

As soon as she held his hand, Harrison leaned in closer to her, his warm breath grazing her skin the slightest bit.

Instinctively, Lollo leaned away from him and smiled timidly.

"Mr. Harrison, what can I do for you?"

"Is your father Paul?"

"Yes, sir!" Lollo answered honestly.

Harrison nodded thoughtfully. Why did Harrison mention her father all of a sudden?

But on second thought, although her family's status in H city was not as high as the Jing Family, her father was still a small entrepreneur. It was not surprising that Harrison knew her father.

Besides, Olivia was about to get married to Harrison, so he was supposedly her future brother-in-law.

If so, he might not know it was her who took the photos.

Thank God! Thank God!

After thinking for a while, Lollo finally found a suitable reason for his coming to her, and felt a bit more relieved.

All of a sudden, the car stopped. Looking out the window, Lollo saw that they were in front of a photo studio. Now, she was even more confused. It was such a secluded place that she didn't even know such a photo studio existed in H city.

"What are we doing here?" she asked meekly. Ignoring her question, Harrison pulled her out of the car and took her inside the studio.

Before she knew it, she was already having her photos taken with him.

In no time at all, the photos were quickly developed.

Lollo took the photos curiously. It surprised her that she actually looked good in the photos. Her simple, white shirt looked very fresh and flattered on her.

Of course, since she didn't know what was going, the expression on her face was rather dull and serious.

Before she finished looking at the photos, a pair of big hands grabbed them. She jumped up to snatch the photos but failed.

Harrison then quickly put them inside his coat pocket.

"It's my photos. Are you not going to give it to me?"

She looked at him pitifully, but his warm smile touched her.

"I paid for it, so the photos are mine." His tone was very businesslike as he said this to her.

Then, the smile on his face suddenly became a bit sinister, making her shiver with fear.

"So... Did you ask me to come here just to take photos?" she stammered.

"So what if I did?" Harrison said as he got in the car, closing the door behind him.

Pursing her lips, she followed him and tried to open the car door, but it was already locked.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Harrison stuck his head out from the car window and scoffed, "As punishment, you should find a way to go back by yourself." Then he closed the window and the car drove off.

Standing in the middle of the road, Lollo looked up and down the street. How could she get back from this desolated place?

Besides, she didn't bring any money with her...

'What is this cheap trick?

And what is he even punishing me for? Maybe he really did know that I was the one who took the photos... That's why he took me to this place on purpose... Was he supposed to kill me?!

But he

didn't do anything bad to me so...'

Thinking about it carefully, Lollo just felt lucky that she was still alive. After all, a candid photo or video could greatly impact the image of such a public figure like Harrison. It was good at least that he didn't do anything worse than leave her on the street.

And so, she started her long walk back home.

The next day, Lollo was woken up by a call from Alice. "Come over here now. It's important," Alice said. Before Lollo could say anything, Alice had already hung up. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was only five o'clock in the morning. With a grunt, she got dressed and went over to the TV station.

When she got there, Alice didn't even bother to greet her -- she held up the news article that was to be released later that day. Seeing the headline, all the sleepiness from Lollo completely went away.

"Tell me, Lollo. What happened?" Alice asked, almost accusingly, with her hand on her hip. "You're financially stable enough, right? Or are you really willing to sacrifice yourself to satisfy the public?"

Lollo was stunned. Looking at the news that was about to be broadcast, her head was starting to feel so light. "Alice.... What's going on?"

"Yesterday, someone sent the photo anonymously to our station. I was suddenly told to sort out this message. I really didn't expect that you had already married Harrison!"

Obviously, Alice didn't believe it.

On the other hand, Lollo was having a hard time wrapping her head around what had happened.

Looking closer at the marriage certificate in the photo, she found the photo was what Harrison had asked her to take yesterday.

What was going on? It was the photo they took yesterday.

Why was it on the marriage certificate now?

"Alice, have you gotten in touch with Harrison?"

"No. Our reporters have been blocking his door these days, but we haven't seen him come in or out."

What the hell! He came to her yesterday.

It was obvious that the marriage certificate was his doing. Was he crazy?

Just when she was still trying to process everything, her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, is this Miss Lollo?"

"Y-yes. Is this Harrison?"

"I'm Mr. Harrison's chief assistant, Gerry. Our boss needs to see you. I will send the address to you, and please be there in thirty minutes!"

"No, I can't... Hello? Hello?"

Before Lollo could refuse, the man on the other end of the phone hung up.

Then she received a text message. When she saw the address, her eyes widened in shock. It was in JH villa!

It would cost a lot of money to hail a taxi to go there.

'Why should I do anything he says?' Lollo thought to herself stubbornly.

But at this point, it seemed that she had no choice. She had been married unwittingly. Besides, this was probably her only chance of finding out the truth. Alice asked her who that was, but Lollo quickly left. "No time to explain!" Lollo hurriedly said as she rushed out of the station.

Outside, Lollo managed to get a taxi. "To JH villa," she said to the driver. Then she handed the driver two hundred for the fare, and only got five dollars as change. Looking at the money in her hands, she couldn't help but frown in disappointment.

The driver looked at her with disdain. 'Jeez. How can someone who lives in a place like that care about five measly dollars? I guess all rich people are just stingy.'

A few minutes later, the taxi arrived at JH villa. Garry was already there, waiting for her. Walking up to the taxi, he even politely opened the door for her.

"Oh, it's you," she muttered.

He was the man who stopped her at the gate of the hotel that day and asked her to take contraceptives!

Gerry bowed politely and said, "Miss Lollo, nice to meet you again!"

"Ha ha..." Lollo forced a laugh. 'I really hoped not to see you again actually,' she cried in her heart.

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