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   Chapter 2 It Was Her

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Just when Lollo was about to open the front door, she heard Marian Zhu's shrill voice coming from inside.

"My daughter, I am so proud of you! You're finally together with Harrison. This is great news for the future of your father's company!"

As Marian Zhu spoke, she looked at Olivia Shen, grinning from ear to ear.

There was an arrogant air around Olivia Shen as she flicked her hair over her shoulder. Her father had always compared her with Lollo. But now, she was definitely going to gain his favor -- Olivia Shen had been personally selected by Harrison's grandfather to be joined in marriage. With his wealth and ability, he ranked second to none in H city.

"Now, all that's left to do is to kick Lollo out. That way, you will be the only possible heir of our family! With our status and your relationship with Harrison, there is nothing we cannot do!" Marian Zhu continued excitedly.

As mother and daughter happily talked among themselves, Lollo was able to hear everything. Taking a deep breath in, she put her hand on the door and opened it.

"Auntie, sister, I'm back."

As soon as the two saw her, their faces darkened.

"Lollo, where did you go last night? You disappeared for no reason. We are all worried about you!"

Marian Zhu pretended to be nice, but in fact she was hoping that something bad really happened to Lollo.

"I was just with Allen," said Lollo indifferently as she walked past them.

Even with all this fake courtesy, Lollo knew that the Shen Family didn't really consider her as a part of their household. Even her own father, Paul Shen, gradually stopped caring about her. On the surface, he would sometimes show some compassion towards her, but Lollo knew that it was just all for show.

A faint smile appeared on Marian Zhu's lips when Lollo said that she was with Allen Yan. He and Lollo had practically grown up together. Unlike Harrison, Allen Yan came from an ordinary family. It was more than Marian could hope for.

If Lollo and Allen Yan ended up together, it would be easier to let them fall under the radar and completely cut off Lollo's connection with the Shen Family.

"That's just downright shameful. You two are almost living together before you even get married," Olivia Shen commented, her nose wrinkling in disgust.

"Well, at least Allen is honest. I heard that you are going to marry Harrison. I think he's perfect for you, and I hope you cherish him wholeheartedly,"

Lollo said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. It was obvious that Olivia only married Harrison for his money. Once Harrison's video came up later that afternoon, she wondered if Olivia would still be able to laugh then.

After saying that, Lollo went back to her room. The last thing she wanted to do was to spend another second with those two.

Closing the door behind her, she counted the money she had just earned. It was nearly twenty thousand dollars! She was lucky that she was able to get that video of Harrison. With a newfound vigor, she started to look for a place she could rent on her own. The next year, she would move out of this house under the pretext of internship.

The sooner she left, the better. She didn't want to stay there any longer than she needed to.

Feeling excited, she even started to pack up some of her things. A while later, her phone rang. It was Allen Yan, saying that he was there to pick her up for school.

Olivia rolled her eyes at Lollo when she left happily, but Lollo couldn't care less. With a smile on her face, she hopped on Allen Yan's scooter.

"Why are there dark circles under your eyes? Did you stay up late?" Allen Yan asked worriedly.

With a smug smile on her face, Lollo got on the scooter and shrugged. "I was just doing some investigative work on Harrison last night."

After saying that, she yawned widely.

'Isn't he the famous businessman in H city? Although he

was very smart in business, he was said to be a playboy and had a habit of doing things in an immoral way,' Allen Yan thought.

"Okay... Just be careful, Lollo. Don't get caught by that guy. We'd better not provoke such a person."

"Don't worry. I have sold the video to Alice. Even if they check it, they won't find out that I was the one who took it,"

Lollo smiled confidently. Since she was not an official employee, Alice couldn't publish news under her name even if she wanted to. But it didn't really matter to her since she was always able to sell the news she had for a high price.

That morning, Lollo had no classes until later in the afternoon.

And so, she took this time to get more material for her news articles.

But as soon as she reentered the school, all of her other classmates were whispering to each other as they pointed right at her. Furrowing her brows, she took out her phone to see how she looked like through her camera.

Seeing that there wasn't anything on her face, she couldn't help but wonder what the problem was.

What could these people possibly be talking about?

At that moment, one of her friends hurriedly ran up to her. "Lollo! Lollo, you're finally here..." June Yan said as she panted heavily.

She then grabbed Lollo's arm and pulled her to a more discreet place. "Tell me the truth. Where did you go last night?" she asked.

"You know where I was. I went to shoot the photos of Harrison for Alice. By the way, the news should have come out by now."

Much to Lollo's surprise and confusion, June Yan's mouth opened in shock. "Lollo, tell me the truth. What's the relationship between you and Harrison?"

The relationship between her and Harrison...

What relationship could she have with him?

"I have nothing to do with him," Lollo stated. 'Well, okay. Maybe that's not completely the truth since he's my future brother-in-law. But still... I have no relation to him!'

June Yan shook her head in disbelief. "Ah, I didn't expect that you would hide the truth even from me!" she said as she pulled out her phone.

She found out the news in her mobile phone and showed it to Lollo——

"Today, a website exposed the video of a girl and Harrison. In the video, the two of them were getting intimate all night long. Given the room layout, it was difficult to see who the girl exactly was. However, sources have confirmed that the girl Harrison was with is a junior student of H University, named Lollo Shen!"

"Wh...What's going on?!" Lollo cried out.

She grabbed the phone and took a closer look at the news article. 'This is bad,' she thought nervously. 'My name and school has been exposed! If Harrison finds out that I've been taking pictures of him in secret, it would be the end of me!"

"June, please trust me. I have nothing to do with Harrison..."

With a helpless shrug, June Yan sighed, "It doesn't really matter now whether I believe you or not. You should be more worried about Allen. He's very anxious now."

At this point, Lollo felt like she was about to burst into tears at any moment. How could she ever explain herself now?

Right now, the best thing she could do was to call Alice at once and ask her what had happened!

As soon as she took out her phone, a limited edition red sports car rushed straight to her from the school gate. A tall man stepped out as soon as the car came staggering halt.

"Miss Lollo?" the man asked her.

Left in a daze, June Yan nudge Lollo to snap her out of it. "Ah. Y-yes," she stammered. "That's me."

"Miss Lollo, please come with me. Our master wants to see you."

He made a gesture politely, and Lollo nodded without thinking. "Okay."

Even though June Yan was hesitant to let her friend go, there wasn't enough time for her to react.

As soon as Lollo got into the car, she saw the man sitting next to her. Her face turned pale with fear.

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