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   Chapter 119 Her Worries (Part One)

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Nicole returned home very late, but she saw a familiar black Audi parking near her community.

When Nicole was about to enter the community, the car came over and stopped in front of her. Nicole also stopped because she knew who was in the car.

Eric rolled down the window and smiled at Nicole before he opened the door and got off.

Standing at the entrance of the community, Nicole smiled at him and said, "Mr. Eric, you're back."

Eric was on a business trip. Nicole hadn't seen him for almost a week since he came to her house last time. Although they had contacted each other before, Nicole didn't expect him to come back so soon.

Standing in front of Nicole, Eric said, "Yes, I'm back."

"Have you just arrived home today?"

"Yes, I arrived this afternoon. I went back home to see my parents first, so I came to you as soon as possible. I didn't expect that you were not here the whole night. I'll call you..." Eric shook his hand to show that he had called. "You didn't answer either."

"Oh, really?" Nicole was startled. She quickly took out her phone from her bag and looked at it. There were indeed several missed calls and messages. But when she came back, she was absent-minded. She had been thinking about the matter of Primrose and Lena. She hadn't seen the phone number and didn't know at all.

Nicole immediately apologized, "Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't pay attention to it. Mr. Eric has been waiting for me for a long time!"

Eric said, "I'm fine." But Eric still cared about Nicole and continued, "Where have you been after work?"

Nicole said, "I... I went to visit a patient and it took me some time."

"Is anyone in the family sick?" Eric was surprised and asked.

Nicole shook her head, hesitated

with flowers, so that she could feel like a princess again.

Moreover, Nicole had never been in love or received flowers from her lover. She had thought that if one day someone sent her roses, she would definitely like him. Whether she loved him or not, she would cherish him.

But Nicole didn't expect that the first person to send her roses was her favorite man, Eric. How lucky she was!

Holding the roses in his hands, Eric walked up to Nicole and said, "I bought you a bunch of flowers. I missed you when I was on a business trip. I thought what gift I should buy for you when I came back. Later I thought roses were the most suitable. Do you know how many roses are here?"

Nicole covered her mouth and shook her head in shock.

Eric said with a smile, "30 roses." Eric didn't explain the flower meaning, but gave it to Nicole directly.

Nicole still covered her mouth and even shed tears, but she dared not accept these flowers. She was still very conflicted.

Nicole was not sure what kind of future she would have with Eric, and Miss. Selena's words were still in her ears. She was really worried that she would cause trouble to Eric.

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