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   Chapter 118 A Bunch Of Flowers (Part Two)

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Nicole stared at Lambert and felt unhappy.

Lambert pointed at Nicole and said to Lily, "Choose her, just choose her, I picked her up!" Ignoring Nicole's gaze, Lambert turned around and left.

Lily hurried up to surround Nicole and begged her to attend.

Nicole had no choice but to agree.

The others were talking about it. It was not that Nicole was hiding her strength, but that they felt so strange. 'How did Mr. Lambert know that Nicole used to be in the school dance team? Did they know each other and still have a friendship before?'

Manager Miss. Li took everything into her eyes. She felt that Mr. Lambert and Nicole had known each other for a long time. In the past, Mr. Lambert didn't like Nicole very much, but now his attitude towards Nicole was even more ambiguous, which made people think about it.

Raising her eyebrows, Miss. Chen asked, "Nicole, were you Mr. Lambert's schoolmate? In a college, a high school or a primary school?"

Nicole shook her head. "No, he just guessed it randomly. I have something else to do. I have to go now! Have a good time after work!"

Nicole really left.

The others sighed, "It's so mysterious. Do you think that Nicole and Mr. Lambert are very mysterious?"

"I remember that Mr. Lambert is from XX University, while Nicole is from CC University. Obviously, they are not a college classmate. Are they a high school classmate? But everyone knows that Mr. Lambert studied in the excellent Foreign Language School in primary and high school. I don't think that kind of school is suitable for Nicole."

"Did you hear her call Mr. Lambert 'he'?" Miss. Chen asked.

"Is there any problem?" Nellie was confused.

Miss. Chen rubbed her chin and raised her eyebrows at Nellie, "If it were you, in the environ

she had just shed tears.

At this time, Nicole couldn't hate Lena any more. In the past, she thought that this woman was hateful, selfish, cold-blooded and cruel. Lena destroyed her family and killed her mother. If she saw Lena in trouble, she would be very happy. But in fact, when she really saw it with her own eyes, she just thought Lena was a mother, a mother who saw her daughter get sick but she couldn't do anything about her daughter. For a moment, she really didn't hate Lena anymore.

Later, Lena left with the doctor and went to consult about something. Nicole took the opportunity to go to Primrose's ward.

Nicole didn't go in. She just looked at the outside. She didn't know whether Primrose was in a coma or asleep. She lay still with a drip tube in her hand, which was very quiet and fragile.

Nicole thought of Layton some time ago.

Nicole sighed, put the flowers at the door and left quietly.

Maybe for Lena and Howard, they didn't know who sent the flower. Maybe they thought that Nicole had never been here, but Nicole knew clearly that she had come and she had expressed her apology. That was enough. Nicole didn't need them to know her apology.

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