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   Chapter 117 A Bunch Of Flowers (Part One)

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The others were shocked suddenly. They pushed Miss. Chen and said, "Fuck you, do you want to make a position for our company and become the headline next day?"

"Maybe in the news report, there will be a 'popularity' in the AI Group, and that is Miss. Chen!"

"AI popularity?" Miss. Chen asked.

But the only boy in the Department suddenly covered his mouth and chuckled, "How can I sound... Like A. V popularity, ha-ah..."

He was immediately chased and beaten by others. Even Manager Miss. Li gave him a reproachful look, so the handsome boy had to behave himself.

"I think Miss. Chen is crazy about handsome men. Be careful that there will be no handsome men at that time!"

However, Miss. Chen still said proudly, "How could it be? There is no handsome man in 10 people, and there should be one in 100 people. The company is so big, there must be handsome men, and there are also handsome men with blonde hair and blue eyes!" Miss. Chen covered her mouth and snickered. It could be seen that she did have such an idea.

Seeing that Nicole stood quietly aside and didn't participate in the discussion, and looking at her expression, she seemed absent-minded, Manager Miss. Li asked, "Nicole, do you have a good show recommendation?"

Nicole was stunned and looked at the manager.

'What kind of good show could I have?' My mind is in a mess. On the one hand, it is about my work, and on the other hand, it is about Primrose.

I met Howard this morning, so I was in a bad mood the whole day. I felt that my whole state was affected by Howard's words.

Howard asked me to see Primrose but I refused, but after refusing, I felt uneasy and guilty. I tried hard not to think about it, and tried to convince myself that it was all Lena an

excitedly. Other colleagues pointed at Nellie again.

Lily said, "There are only 2 people. Is it too little? There are so many beautiful girls in your department. I'm counting on you!"

The others all shrugged and shook their heads, indicating that they couldn't do anything.

Standing behind Lily, Nicole didn't intend to volunteer herself. 'In the company, perhaps no one know that I could dance.'

Lily had no choice but to leave. When she was about to leave, Lambert came out from behind Nicole and asked Nicole teasingly, "Are you good at dancing, aren't you?"

Nicole was shocked. When she turned around and saw it was Lambert, she couldn't help but glare at him with dissatisfaction. 'I didn't know when he came, but he exposed me.'

Lily heard the voice and was surprised to see that it was Lambert. After greeting, she immediately asked Nicole excitedly, "Dear Nicole, can you dance? Please help me. We are short of hands!"

"I... I'm not good at it now." To be honest, Nicole didn't like to be in the limelight and she wanted to refuse.

Lambert exposed Nicole again, "You used to be in the school dance team. Have you forgotten it so soon?"

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