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   Chapter 116 Hold The Annual Company Party! (Part Two)

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Howard said in a low voice, "You have a prejudice against Dad now. No matter what I say, you can't feel my kindness."

"Yes, I have a prejudice against you, because you have never actually acted to make us feel your kindness! When Layton encountered difficulties, did you take the responsibility of being a father and actively help him? Of course, you had, because you covet Layton's body and want him to donate kidney to your precious daughter for treatment. If it weren't for this, you wouldn't have appeared. Therefore, after I scolded Lena, no matter in the second or third trials, or even when Layton was convicted of murder! Have you ever considered for Layton selflessly?"

Howard said guiltily, "Dad didn't show up these days because Primrose was sick. It's not that Dad didn't participate in the second and third trials of Layton!"

As Howard spoke, he suddenly thought of something. He looked at Nicole pitifully and said, "Nicole, Primrose is sick... She is getting worse and worse. She is in hospital!"

"What's the point of telling me this? Do you want me to sympathize her?"

"Nicole, how could you be like this? If it weren't for you..."

Before Howard could finish his words, Nicole said, "If it weren't for Lena and her, my mother wouldn't have jumped off the building to die, and Layton and I wouldn't have ended up like this!" After a pause, Nicole said coldly, "Howard, you're the one who's most sorry for all of us. If you hadn't cheated on us, you wouldn't have made us like this. What right do you have to mention the past in front of us?"

Howard's eyes were wet and he didn't dare to say anything more.

Nicole didn't want to argue with Howard anymore, because when she met him, she could not help but be extreme and angry, because this man made her heart full of n

see so many people in the future!

In the afternoon, the girls in the human resources department were so excited that they didn't care about their work at all and gathered together to discuss. Even the human resources manager didn't stop them, but walked out to discuss with everyone, thinking about how to produce a show and what kind of show could get a good reward.

Nicole had a lot of work at hand, and she had only been idle for a few days, and was about to receive a lot of work. She didn't want to participate in the discussion of the employees, because she might have to work overtime. It could be seen that the manager had come out. If Nicole was still busy in her seat alone, it would be too unreasonable. The leader must think that she was out of the group, so she also stood aside and listened to everyone.

Miss. Chen was the most excited. She was also the boldest and most flamboyant girl in the Department. She suddenly suggested, "How about we have a catwalk show?"

"The catwalk show is too boring. Maybe other departments have the same idea. By then, we will be eliminated at the first rehearsal! Others opposed.

Miss. Chen immediately said, 'How about the bikini show?"

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