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   Chapter 55

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 10891

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On the second day, Nicole needed to go to work in the company. After a few days of rest and adjustment, although she was a little better, she was still in a bad spirit. However, Nicole had to work, so she could only cheer up and go back to work.

When Nicole arrived at the company, she found that Lambert had approved her report. 'It is really rare that Lambert would compromise. He had seen me faint that day. Is he afraid that the news of my injury would have a bad impact on the AI Group?

No matter what is on Lambert's mind, the report approved that I could advance my salary and then I could live ahead. At least, Layton and I haven't stopped live ahead because of money yet.'

When Miss. Li saw that Nicole came to work, she reminded Nicole in a voice with sarcasm to write an application form for her approval so that Nicole could get the salary from the financial department.

Nicole didn't want to have a conflict with Miss. Li now. Since she had decided to cherish this job, she had to carefully manage the relationship between them in the future. So after receiving the order, Nicole did as Miss. Li asked.

Fortunately, with the help of Ada these days, even if Nicole asked for leave, there were still some people going on work. Therefore, after Nicole returned, her work went smoothly.

When Nicole went to the archive room to get the documents, she happened to meet Lambert walking from the long corridor. Nicole slowed down involuntarily.

Nicole thought that her report was approved by Lambert. Although they had a big grudge before, he still let her go that day. Nicole was lost in thought, 'Should I say something to him?'

However, when Nicole was hesitating, Lambert looked away with disdain and quickly and indifferently walked past her, as if she didn't exist.

Nicole was very surprised. 'It seemed that I didn't come to the company these days and didn't offend him, did I? Why is he still cold to me?'

What Nicole didn't know was that Lambert was still angry about her relationship with Henry.

After Nicole got off work, Ada held Nicole's hand and said, "Nicole, let's go have coffee, this is my treat today! To celebrate your return to work."

Embarrassed, Nicole refused, "No, you helped me a lot, it should be my treat, but I have something tonight, I'll treat you another day, thank you for your kindness!"

Ada was confused, "What happened in your family... Haven't you solved it yet?"

Nicole smiled bitterly. "It would be nice if it could be solved so easily, and now it is a more difficult time. Layton's lawsuit is not over yet. I am suffering from day to day.'

Ada sighed with regret. The two of them went downstairs together. To their surprise, they saw someone waiting for Nicole in a car.

It was a man in his early 30s who was driving to pick up Nicole. He was not tall, dark skinned, and wasn't handsome. He was driving a Japanese car, but the usually lonely Nicole suddenly had someone pick her up, which really surprised other female colleagues in the company.

Seeing that the man's eyes were fixed on Nicole and he was still smiling at Nicole when Nicole walked out of the office building, Ada asked Nicole in a low voice, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Nicole didn't expect that Henry wou

njured. But when she saw Nicole, she couldn't help but squeeze out her anger.

With the gifts in her hands, Nicole lowered her head and said, "I... I come to visit Anthony. My brother is in a coma and couldn't come to apologize in person, so I came here on behalf of him."

Mrs. Kali snorted and suddenly strode to Nicole.

Nicole was a little nervous. She had a deep impression on Mrs. Kali that she suddenly hit Nicole with her bag. Nicole was afraid that Mrs. Kali would be emotional and hit her again, so she subconsciously stepped back. But Henry stood beside her like a mountain, Nicole suddenly was not so scared, so she just stood quietly.

Mrs. Kali asked Nicole, "You didn't visit him before, don't you think it's a little late that you come until now?"

It was hard for Nicole to explain. At that time, she had been too exhausted to spare time to visit Anthony because of Layton's illness and medical fees. It was her fault and she had nothing to explain, so she said sincerely in a low voice, "I'm sorry!"

"My son had been in danger once. I don't know if he can survive now. I can only find the best doctor to treat him. Just now, he suffered from shock..." Mrs. Kali suddenly pointed at Anthony, who was lying on the bed, and questioned Nicole with sharp eyes.

Nicole still lowered her head and said nothing.

"What are you bringing? Can those things save my son's life?" She pointed at the gift in Nicole's hand and asked.

Nicole lowered her head, not daring to raise her head. 'In the past 26 years, I had been frivolous and made many mistakes, but none of them would make me feel ashamed like today.

It is not my fault, but I feel worse than my own fault, because it is my brother's fault. It is caused by my beloved brother who I have been trying my best to protect, and it is still so serious.

I feel very guilty and painful. I hate that my brother is not good enough. As an elder sister, I do not teach my brother well, and as a guardian, I do not fulfill my responsibility. I feel very failed and painful, and this sense of frustration and pain is incomparable to any emotion.'

Nicole still said in a low voice, "I'm sorry!"

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