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   Chapter 53 (Part Two)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 5314

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Before Nicole finished her words, Henry lowered his head and said, "Then... I won't make a joke anymore until you accept me. Is that okay?"

Nicole had nothing to say. She wanted to scold Henry, but she just opened the topic and he admitted his mistake. He admitted his mistake so soon, and his attitude was so good. If she continued to pester him, it would be unreasonable.

Henry said, "Then... Now... Do you also accept me in your heart?"

Nicole suddenly became cold and said, "Let's talk about it later!" Then Nicole went back to the hospital.

Henry looked at Nicole and squinted. He really felt that this woman had someone in her heart. 'If Nicole has already fallen in love with someone else and he is such an excellent man, he wouldn't have fallen in love with someone else so easily, would he?

I am here for a blind date. I am here to find a woman who can spend the rest of her life with me. But if this woman doesn't love me, I have to think about it again. But the man is so excellent just now. I don't think he will fall in love with a woman like Nicole, who is from a small family with trouble. It should be just that Nicole's secret love. For the sake of Nicole's good appearance, I am willing to have a try and see if I can get this woman!'

Nicole and Henry spent two days tepidly. Because Henry was just on a business trip, he planned to go back to the B City. Before leaving, he secretly paid Layton's medical fee and asked someone to send a bunch of flowers to Nicole. Nicole was surprised to know that. She couldn't return the flower, nor could she throw it aw

5 students including Justin also brought their lawyers here. At the sight of Nicole, Clarence, who was crying at that time, came up to greet Nicole, "Nicole, you're here. Are you just bringing a lawyer with you today?"

Nicole said with a bitter smile, "I'm the only one in my family now."

Feeling a little sad, Clarence lowered his head and said, "Layton is so pitiful. He used to be loyal to me, but I can't help him."

Nicole patted Clarence on the shoulder and said, "It doesn't matter. You are both children and it's time for you to be protected. You didn't get involved in this case, but only 4 people were taken in. It has already been very lucky."

Only Layton, Justin and two other students were involved into the case. Nothing happened to Clarence and the other young man, these two people just participated into but they didn't take action to fight. So these two peoples were not sentenced, but they were severely punished by the school. This lesson should be able to make these children pay more attention to their behavior in the future.

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