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   Chapter 49

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 10869

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Nicole didn't expect that young man to be so persistent. 'When we were on a blind date, I didn't think that young man would like me. Moreover, I didn't even remember his name now. How could I still accept him?'

But Nicole didn't want to embarrass Loin, so she lowered her head and didn't say anything.

Loin tried to persuade Nicole again.

"You don't have to have a psychological burden. I have briefly told my nephew about your family. He thought about it and said that he could accept it. After all, it was Layton who made a mistake. You are a good girl. You didn't do anything wrong. On the contrary, you won't give him up because of your brother's mistakes, which shows that you are kind and warm. Kind-hearted girls will also be filial to their parents in law in the future. My nephew has no requirements for finding a girlfriend who just needs to be filial to her parents in law."

Nicole still kept silent.

Loin held Nicole's hand and said, "I really feel sorry for you. You are alone and there is no one to take care of you. Your brother is in trouble and there is no one to help you. My nephew is much better than other men outside. He has been looking for a girlfriend for a long time. It's not easy for him to meet a woman who made him determined to get married. You two are well-matched."

Nicole thought, 'We don't even know each other well, how could we be a well-matched?' Nicole smiled bitterly.

"Think it over. Do you want to think about accepting him?" Loin said sincerely.

Lambert was listening at the corner of the wall. He had always heard the old woman talking about her great nephew. This kind of old woman who was a matchmaker was also very annoying, especially the old woman who had been pestering Nicole all the time.

However, Nicole didn't say a word. Lambert was very curious about what Nicole could say, but unfortunately, Nicole didn't say a word.

While Loin was speaking, a familiar voice came from the distant corridor, "Auntie!"

Nicole looked at the direction where the voice came from and saw a man walking towards them from a distance. He was not very tall, but he was wearing a windbreaker. The clothes he wore were very stylish. Unfortunately, under the windbreaker were jeans and then leather shoes. This kind of dressing style was somewhat unacceptable to Nicole. It was obvious that the person didn't pay much attention to dressing.

With a basket of fruits and some tonics in his hands, the young man walked up to Loin and said, "Auntie, you are here!" Then he turned to look at Nicole. His eyes were fixed on Nicole. He was bold, but his expression was a little shy, which was hard to describe.

Nicole looked at the man's square face who with thick eyebrows and big eyes. His skin was dark and his glasses were on the bridge of his nose. She felt very familiar. After thinking for a while, she remembered that he was the nephew mentioned by Loin and he the one who had a blind date with her before.

Nicole didn't show any expression on her face, but she was wondering why he was here. 'Did Loin tell him the hospital address? But I had nothing to do with him and I didn't promise to get along with him. Is it really appropriate for him to come here just like this?'

Seeing that

.. Maybe... Don't you remember me? In fact, I was quite satisfied with you that day, but later... I was too busy to care about my work. I didn't contact you until a while later. It's my fault... "

Nicole was confused and thought in her heart, 'Why did he apologize to me? We are not the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend. Besides, he hadn't contacted me for months after we met that day. Was it really just because he was busy with his work? Or he had no choice but to turn around when he thought I was good?'

Nicole didn't debunk his lie. She just nodded silently and said, "You're fine. But unfortunately, I don't dare to affect you because of my family."

"My aunt... She tell me what happened to you and your brother. She said that your brother was beaten and you took care of him by yourself and you didn't give him up. It's touching."

Nicole looked up in surprise and muttered, "Did Loin say that to you?"

Henry nodded, "Isn't it true?"

Nicole lowered her head and thought for a while. She thought she should tell the truth to the young man, and let him retreat from difficulties and not disturb her. She didn't affect him and said, "The truth is almost the same, but it may be the opposite of what you think. My brother wasn't beaten by others, but he took the initiative to beat others, and also made them seriously injured and hospitalized. My brother was seriously injured. He looked like a victim because he had a car accident while chasing after someone to beat. So he became like this."

After saying that, Nicole lowered her head, feeling embarrassed and sad. This was her privacy, and she didn't want to tell others about it.

After hearing this, Henry was completely shocked. Sure enough, Loin had beautified the story too much. The story she told with Henry was 50% different from that of a true story.

Staring at Layton's hand, which was holding an intravenous drip, Nicole continued, "Besides, my brother didn't beat no one else but the one who is the nephew of the director of the police station. Now that child was still lying in the hospital, he was in bad condition. His family had come here to make trouble..."

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