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   Chapter 42 (Part One)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 5810

Updated: 2020-07-10 00:03

Miss. Li was working on her computer. When she heard the knock on the door, she let the people outside in. But when she saw it was Nicole, her face immediately turned cold.

Miss. Li had been very disappointed with Nicole these two days. When she and Mr. Eric recruited Nicole, Miss. Li had thought highly of Nicole and cherished Nicole's talent. She had been trying her best to train Nicole. However, she didn't expect that Nicole had offended Mr. Lambert and even disregarded the company's interests for personal affairs!

Miss. Li, who always put the interests of the company first and always thought for the boss, would not allow such an employee to do things under her leadership.

Nicole walked forward and said, "Miss. Li, I'm here to apologize to you."

Miss. Li stood up and closed the shutters to block the view from the outside. Then she sat back in the chair and asked, "What do you apologize for? For your absence from the meeting yesterday?"

Nicole lowered her head in embarrassment and said, "I know my performance yesterday caused a lot of losses to the department, and also made the leaders dissatisfied with you. But my brother was in a car accident and hospitalized, seriously injured. There are only me and my brother in my family, and I have to take care of him. If I'm not by his side, no one will take care of him."

Miss. Li sneered slightly, and then pretended to be kind and said, "If the company doesn't allow you to have a leave, which will be heartless and lack of humanity. I have been working in the company for so many years, and I also know how to care about the employees, but why can't you apply for a leave in advance? Why do you have to be absent when the meeting arrangement was ready and all

ey have been absent for 2 days in a row. And you've been absent from work for two days, Nicole! If you want to ask about the compensation, as HR, you know it best! You come to the company for less than a year. If you are fired, you will be paid a month's salary. In addition, you will be deducted from the notice money you did not notify 30 days in advance. The company will at most compensate you 2 months' salary. As for this cost, I fire a disobedient employee, and the leader will agree with me! "

Nicole was so emotional that she stepped forward and patted on the table of Miss. Li, saying, "You can't fire me!"

Miss. Li was frightened by Nicole.

"If you fire me, what are you going to do with the half way salary reform? Find someone else? No matter how experienced he was, it would take him some time to understand the company as soon as he entered the company. Moreover, with such big data and so long time of thinking accumulation, could he accept it at once? It's almost the end of the year. Can you guarantee that he can finish this job before the end of the year? If it can't be completed, it will be the biggest loss to the department!"

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