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   Chapter 41 (Part Two)

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However, the police said, "The defendant, Layton, was born on November 23rd, 19XX. He was 17 years and two months old as of the time of the case. Although he is a minor, he has reached the age of full criminal responsibility. He needs to bear all legal responsibilities."

Nicole lowered her head and said, "I see."

Nicole clenched her hands and thought, 'Now Layton gets hurt, even if one year later, he may not be all recovered well. He needs to be treated at any time. What if he is in prison? And his future will be ruined.'

The police gave Nicole a subpoena to the court and recorded Layton's condition with the doctor. Then they left, but there were still two people left to guard at the door of Layton's ward in turn.

Nicole didn't sleep well last night, and she had no appetite, so she couldn't eat anything. By the afternoon, she noticed that she was not feeling well, but she was still in no mood to pay attention to care about herself.

Nicole stood up and was about to go to the bathroom, but the nurse came to look for her at this time. "Is you Layton's family member?"

Nicole nodded, "Yes, I am."

"Please come with me to the charge window to pay for Layton's operation!"

Nicole's heart skipped a beat. She looked at the bill the nurse handed her. When she saw the total amount of money on it, she felt like a sharp pain coming out of the ground and spreading all over her body, making her heart tighten, her face red, and her whole body uncomfortable.

Nicole whispered to the nurse in embarrassment, "Nurse... I don't have so much money now. Can I pay for it a little later?"

The nurse did business as usual and said coldl

. Lambert. She is angry with you. In the past two days, she has put pressure on the handsome man to recruit people as soon as possible. If she recruits people, she will fire you!"

Nicole's heart skipped a beat. Only then did she know what the consequences of her impulsive behavior were. 'If the company fired me, I would get compensation. But how much money could I get after coming to the company for less than a year? Moreover, the company dismissed me, so I couldn't get advance my salary. How could I pay Layton's medical fees? If I don't have a job in the future, Layton needs money, and I have to pay for the rent and living expenses. What should I do?'

Nicole was extremely nervous. She patted the hand of Miss. Chen and said, "Thank you, Miss. Chen. Thank you for telling me the truth. I'll go to the manager to apologize first. Another day I'll..." Nicole had meant to invite her to dinner, but now even a dollar was very important to her, she could only be a miser, so she said, "Chat with you!"

Ignoring the astonishment from Miss. Chen, Nicole strode towards the HR manager's office.

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