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   Chapter 32 (Part Two)

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After the meeting room returned to silence, Nicole was released from the meeting room. It was almost 1 o'clock at that time. She went to the canteen to have lunch, but there was no food left. After what had happened in the morning, Nicole had no appetite and ate something hastily before returning to her office.

Not long after Nicole went to work, the meeting was over. When Miss. Li returned to her office, she heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that Nicole was looking at her, Miss. Li stopped and said to Nicole, "Nicole, come to my office."

Nicole guessed that she might know what Miss. Li was talking about. Nicole took her notebook and waited for Miss. Li in the office of Miss. Li.

Miss. Li put the documents back on the desk, looked at Nicole for a long time before sitting down and said, "Have you heard what Mr. Eric said in the meeting room? Tomorrow someone will come from the human resources department of the E Group. Work hard. It must get a result at the end of this month!"

Nicole took notes and nodded, "I understand."

Miss. Li stared at Nicole coldly, with anger, reproach and helplessness in her eyes. Miss. Li said, "I really don't know if it's right or wrong to choose you. There seem to have a grudge between you and Mr. Lambert. Mr. Lambert always suppresses you and implicates me together, but you seem to have something to do with Mr. Eric. It's obvious that Mr. Eric is helping you at the meeting today. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have been able to get through this meeting. You should thank Mr. Eric! "

With a notebook in her hand, Nicole stared at the book in silence.

"I respect your privacy and didn't ask you about your relations

e secretly looked at Eric in silence. She had thought that Eric wouldn't notice her in the tea room, but when Eric turned his head, his eyes met hers.

Nicole felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head. If Nicole wanted to go back to her office, she had to go through the meeting room. However, there were very senior leaders standing outside the meeting room. She was too embarrassed to go over, so she stayed there all the time.

Nicole waited for a while and looked up, only to find that Eric was still looking at her and nodding to her with a smile.

Nicole had no choice but to nod at Eric with a shy and embarrassed smile.

Nicole didn't think she could stay in the tea room all the time. Knowing that she was here, Eric looked at her from time to time, wondering why she hadn't left. Feeling embarrassed, Nicole braced herself and went out.

Nicole tried her best to lean against the wall when she passed through the leadership. If she found someone was looking at her, she would nod and bow to him. She had just let out a sigh of relief when the group of people left and walked towards the elevator.

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