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   Chapter 30 (Part Two)

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Miss. Li suddenly felt that she was so unlucky to have such a subordinate. If it were someone else, she might have done it well. She didn't know what was wrong with Nicole and Mr. Lambert, which had innocently get her involved.

"We just want a result. When will it be switched successfully? What about our bonus?" Mr. Wang put on a cold face again and forced the HR manager, "If there is no result at the end of this month, humph, I think there is no place in this circle that I can't do. And I also believe that my clients are more loyal to me than to the company!"

That was to threaten the leader with resignation and clients. The HR manager looked at Mr. Lambert and found that Mr. Lambert was still calm and indifferent. She suddenly thought of a legend.

It was said that the reason why Mr. Lambert was so domineering was that he didn't like these old men to do whatever they wanted with their performance regardless of their leaders. Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhou were a big shot when they were in the E Venture Capital Company. Even Mr. Eric had to give in to them, but their performance was nothing to the powerful AI Group. Keeping these people in the company would restrict the company's reform and development. It was not worthwhile from the long-term interests. Lambert had long wanted to replace these immovable people.

But because Lambert wanted to replace these people, he took her and Nicole as scapegoats. Miss. Li felt a little sad. 'Did Mr. Lambert also want to replace me because he was not satisfied with me?' Thinking of this, Miss. Li felt a sense of crisis. She had worked hard for 10 years and finally got this position. She didn't want to give up easily, so she couldn't help but complain about Nicole.

Miss. Li turned to look at Nicole and asked, "Nicole, do you have any difficulties in your work? How long will it take for you to finish it? Can you explain it to each manager and saleswoman today?"

Nicole glanced at Miss. Li and then looked at Lambert, who was staring at her with a faint smile on his face, as if he was in a very good mood.

Nicole frowned and said, "My work.... I can't do it all by myself and I need the company's leadership's help."

This was the truth of Nicole, because she had reported her difficulties to Miss. Li more than once. However, Miss. Li didn't pay much attention to it, or Miss. Li flinched under the pressure of Lambert. Miss. Li had never given her substantial help, but now they put all the work problems on her, and Nicole was unwilling to accept it quietly.

"What kind of help do you need?" Miss. Li seemed to be angry. Perhaps she had been "criticized" by everyone for so long since the meeting, but there was no room for rebuttal. She felt aggrieved. Now she finally found a person to vent her emotion.

Nicole didn't say anything, but she clearly measured the ability of the female manager Miss. Li.


s. Li, what kind of person have you recruited? The personnel department has been changing frequently recently, but the new ones are not as good as the old ones!" Mr. Zhou said sarcastically with a smile.

"I was curious why the process was so slow. It turns out that it's not Mr. Lambert's fault. Miss. Li, how long do you want everyone to wait?" Mr. Wang asked again.

Embarrassed and annoyed, Miss. Li had no choice but to smile apologetically.

"What's the name of this new comer?" Mr. Wang cast a sidelong glance at Nicole and asked, "What kind of job have you done before? Have you ever been in this industry? Or have you just started practicing here?"

Mr. Wang was a rude man and uneducated. He entered this industry as soon as he graduated from high school. He relied on talent and seniority. Sometimes people didn't like him to talk and be rude, but he could be so arrogant and unscrupulous in the company.

Nicole felt that she was fooled again. Sometimes the reason why she didn't do well in work was not because of her incompetence, but because her leader deliberately suppressed her. Nicole knew that Lambert did it on purpose, and Lambert was not stupid, but found someone to be the scapegoat to drive these people out.

No matter what Nicole did, Lambert didn't lose anything. On the contrary, it was very likely that Nicole would leave a bad history and it would be difficult for her to take her career in the future.

Nicole looked at Lambert, her eyes was filled with sadness. Since she was framed and insulted by Lambert again and again, Nicole was no longer angry, because she knew that once she was angry, he would be happy. He deliberately made her angry, aggrieved and cry, and waited to let her make a fool of herself. She wouldn't let him succeed. Nicole felt disappointed and sad at the sight of Lambert like this.

After calming herself down, Nicole looked at Mr. Wang and said in an unusually calm tone, "Mr. Wang, leaders, at the end of this month, I will finish my work and present it to everyone. Please give me some time, and please rest assured!"

"We have given you enough time. Will you do it or not? If not, then get out!" Mr. Wang reached out his hand and cursed loudly. His action was very rude and his words were very unpleasant to be heard.

Everyone looked at Nicole with sympathy, pity and anger. If it were any other newcomer, he would have cried, but Nicole just kept silent.

"How long do you want? Don't mention the end of the month, give me a date. If you can't do it well in this period of time, I think that you, an ordinary employee, can't bear the anger of so many business managers!"

Nicole clenched her fists, feeling both humiliated and helpless.

However, at this time, a gentle and melodious voice suddenly came, like a clear spring that stopped everyone's restlessness. "I don't think the matter is so serious."

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