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   Chapter 30 (Part Two)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 5798

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:02

Miss. Li suddenly felt that she was so unlucky to have such a subordinate. If it were someone else, she might have done it well. She didn't know what was wrong with Nicole and Mr. Lambert, which had innocently get her involved.

"We just want a result. When will it be switched successfully? What about our bonus?" Mr. Wang put on a cold face again and forced the HR manager, "If there is no result at the end of this month, humph, I think there is no place in this circle that I can't do. And I also believe that my clients are more loyal to me than to the company!"

That was to threaten the leader with resignation and clients. The HR manager looked at Mr. Lambert and found that Mr. Lambert was still calm and indifferent. She suddenly thought of a legend.

It was said that the reason why Mr. Lambert was so domineering was that he didn't like these old men to do whatever they wanted with their performance regardless of their leaders. Mr. Wang and Mr. Zhou were a big shot when they were in the E Venture Capital Company. Even Mr. Eric had to give in to them, but their performance was nothing to the powerful AI Group. Keeping these people in the company would restrict the company's reform and development. It was not worthwhile from the long-term interests. Lambert had long wanted to replace these immovable people.

But because Lambert wanted to replace these people, he took her and Nicole as scapegoats. Miss. Li felt a little sad. 'Did Mr. Lambert also want to replace me because he was not satisfied with me?' Thinking of this, Miss. Li felt a sense of crisis. She had worked hard for 10 years and finally got this position. She didn't want to give up easily, so she couldn't help but complain about Nicole.


fool of herself. She wouldn't let him succeed. Nicole felt disappointed and sad at the sight of Lambert like this.

After calming herself down, Nicole looked at Mr. Wang and said in an unusually calm tone, "Mr. Wang, leaders, at the end of this month, I will finish my work and present it to everyone. Please give me some time, and please rest assured!"

"We have given you enough time. Will you do it or not? If not, then get out!" Mr. Wang reached out his hand and cursed loudly. His action was very rude and his words were very unpleasant to be heard.

Everyone looked at Nicole with sympathy, pity and anger. If it were any other newcomer, he would have cried, but Nicole just kept silent.

"How long do you want? Don't mention the end of the month, give me a date. If you can't do it well in this period of time, I think that you, an ordinary employee, can't bear the anger of so many business managers!"

Nicole clenched her fists, feeling both humiliated and helpless.

However, at this time, a gentle and melodious voice suddenly came, like a clear spring that stopped everyone's restlessness. "I don't think the matter is so serious."

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