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   Chapter 29 (Part One)

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When the secretary opened the door, all the people in the meeting room immediately looked at the door. Standing in the middle of the meeting room, Nicole felt that she was at a loss, because there were dozens of people in the meeting, including the employees of their subsidiary company, the senior executives of the AI Group and the senior executives of the E Group. All these people, who she knew or didn't know, looked at her, which was something she had never experienced before.

The secretary came in and said to Lambert, "Mr. Lambert, Nicole from the human resources department has arrived."

Nicole stole a glance at the meeting room and happened to meet Miss Li's eyes. She felt that Miss Li was very guilty and nervous, as if Miss Li was worried about her arrival. Nicole had an intuition that there was nothing good about the meeting, but she couldn't retreat, so she had to pretend to be calm.

Lambert cast a cold glance at Nicole and said to everyone, "Well, since everyone is very dissatisfied with this salary reform, I will ask our personnel officer to explain it to everyone. Nicole, explain your salary plan and specific methods of the year-end bonus to everyone."

Nicole glanced at Lambert and didn't say anything. Someone in the meeting room immediately jumped up and said, "Mr. Lambert, we understand your eagerness to change the salary mode of the E Venture Capital Company into the AI Group mode, but you have to consider the feelings of us original employees. We worked hard for a year just for this year-end bonus. Although the AI Group's model also has the benefits, we have been doing according to the index of the E Group. If you suddenly change your model to the AI Group at the end of the year, it will be very disadvantageous to us. It's unfair! "

The one who spoke was wade from the sales department was Mr. Wang. Although Mr. Wang was not a manager, he had always been

h. It's urgent... "

"We don't want to hear any explanation. We just want a result!" Mr. Wang was very irritable and interrupted her rudely. It seemed that he was very angry.

Mr. Zhou smiled and satirized, "Miss. Li, even if you didn't accept it until last month, it's time to finish it now. How hard is the work that made you delay it for so long, is it that your personnel work is more difficult than we dealt with customers?"

"Mr. Zhou is right. No matter how difficult it is, we have waited long enough!" Another business leader said with dissatisfaction.

Embarrassed, Miss. Li smiled, "It... It... " But Miss. Li didn't know how to explain it. When she just handed over the work to Nicole, she didn't pay much attention to it and let Nicole explore it. When she was forced by the leaders of different departments and turned around to take care of it, it was too late.

Moreover, Miss. Li didn't know what happened to Mr. Lambert and why he always disagree with the plan proposed by Nicole. Obviously they had already made it according to the requirements of the group and revised it according to his requirements. She thought it was good. Mr. Lambert still required to modify it over and over again, which caused the whole progress to be infinitely slow.

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