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   Chapter 28

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 11100

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Nicole didn't know how to answer the question of Miss Li. While other colleagues were tidying up their desk and stationery, they also looked up at Nicole.

Nicole pretended to answer inadvertently, "On the way to the hospital yesterday, I happened to meet Mr. Eric..." Nicole was not good at lying. She really couldn't find a suitable reason to explain how she met Mr. Eric and then why Mr. Eric had to ask for leave for her when she met Mr. Eric.

Fortunately, before Nicole could finish her words, someone knocked on the door and said that the vice president was looking for Miss Li. Miss Li had to leave her alone and went out with a smile.

When Nicole went back to her seat, her other colleagues didn't let her go. They all came over to ask her why Mr. Eric asked for leave for her.

Just as Nicole was thinking about how to answer with embarrassment, Lambert's secretary came and asked her to go to the general manager's office.

Nicole had to say goodbye to her colleagues and went to see her leader. Although it was a relief for her, Nicole also doubted why Lambert looked for her. 'Now that the people from the E Group were coming, why was he still trying to find me at this time? What's the matter?'

The two walked to the door of Lambert's office. After the secretary knocked on the door and asked for permission to opened the door for Nicole

This was the first time that Nicole had been in the office of Lambert. The AI Group team had been here for more than two months. Normally, Lambert would asked Miss Li to make trouble for her, he would not easily ask her to the office. But it was the first time that he had summoned her like this.

The office had been completely transformed by Lambert. She had met Eric here during her first interview. At that time, Eric liked warm and artistic things. There was an oil painting hanging on the wall, and the floor was covered with warm floor. Beside the floor to ceiling window, there were two high legged hanging orchids. Now, a medal plaque was hung on the wall by Lambert, and the floor was replaced with a dark floor. The hanging orchids had also been replaced into a tacky wealth tree. In the past, there was an Newton ornament on Eric's desk that Nicole liked very much. But now, it was replaced by a photo. The woman in the photo was not someone else, but Primrose.

Nicole's eyes were stung by Primrose's innocent smile in the photo. She lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lambert, what can I do for you?"

Sitting behind the desk, Lambert had been looking at Nicole since Nicole came in. When he finally saw that Nicole was dejected by Primrose's photo, Lambert smiled slightly.

"I heard from Miss. Li that Mr. Eric asked for leave for you? Why do you still go back to work?"

Nicole frowned slightly. She didn't expect that the news that Eric had asked for leave for her had spread to Lambert so quickly. 'Is it a good thing for her to let Lambert know about it?'

Nicole pretended to be calm and said, "I'm fine now, so I came back to work. What can I do for you, Mr. Lambert? "

Hearing her hoarse voice, Lambert raised his eyebrows and asked, "Have you caught a cold? Have a fever?"

Nicole felt that Lambert was persistent on this matter, and even if she changed the topic, he wouldn't listen to her. It seemed that h

ed the office as usual.

Nicole understood what Lambert meant. Nicole ignored him and turned around to go back to her office. But she didn't expect that it was this morning that Lambert attacked her crazily again for no reason.

At 10 o'clock, the two companies were having a meeting, so there was nothing for the basic employees to do. At first, Nicole was in a bad mood in the morning, but after she went to work, she forgot, let alone the meeting.

At about 11:50, the employees could get off work 10 minutes earlier to have lunch. Nicole cleaned up the desk and turned off the computer screen. When she was about to go out with her colleagues, Lambert's secretary came to inform.

Lambert's secretaries was brought here by him from the AI Group. Lambert had two secretaries, one male secretary, who was mainly responsible for accompanying him on a business trip or acting as his work affairs, and the other female secretary, who was in charge of daily work and daily life. Generally speaking, in the E Venture Capital Company, Lambert took a female secretary with him. Miss Yang, the female secretary, had been working for Lambert for many years. She was capable and calm at work, and seldom showed her emotions on her face. But this time she came to inform Nicole, and it was obvious that her face was a little abnormal. She was a little flustered and restless, as if she had just experienced something in the meeting room.

At lunch time, the secretary of Lambert suddenly came to Nicole. Nicole couldn't have lunch on time. She had to say goodbye to her colleagues and follow Miss Yang to the meeting room.

Nicole was confused. She had an intuition that Miss Yang had something hidden in her heart, but she didn't dare to ask because she was not familiar with Miss Yang.

In the meeting room, the moment Miss Yang opened the door, Nicole walked in and saw a circle of round tables, and even a group of people behind the round tables, which were all office managers in black suits and leather shoes.

There was no smile on everyone's face. Some of them looked terrible, and some of them were depressed. No one spoke. The meeting room was completely silent, and the atmosphere was very strange.

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