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   Chapter 27 (Part Two)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 5729

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Nicole was sitting by the window, so Eric could easily see her working on the desk. Sometimes Eric felt tired after working overtime at night. He rubbed his eyes and stretched himself. With a cup of coffee in his hand, he walked to the French window to enjoy the night view. He just saw Nicole's figure on floor 35.

Sometimes Nicole concentrated on typing on the computer, sometimes she turned over the documents, and sometimes she stood up and walked to the window with a pile of documents in her arms. Biting the pen, she thought about something and quickly returned to the computer.

A woman was very cute when she was serious, not to mention a woman with a different personality and temperament.

Nicole was just like a scenery, a way for Eric to relieve his boredom and entertain during that time. When he was tired from his work, he liked to see what Nicole was doing by the window. He watched her every move with interest like a peep. When he saw her working seriously, his tired nerves and depressed mood suddenly calmed down.

And during that time, Eric also found an interesting thing. When this woman was tired after overtime, Nicole turned on her mobile phone to play music and danced unscrupulously in the office. Sometimes it was cha-cha, jazz, and sometimes modern dance.

It was hard to imagine that a serious woman would dance so crazily in the office. When Eric saw it for the first time, he almost spit out the coffee. Although he didn't spit it, he choked on it and coughed.

It was not that Nicole was not good at dancing, but that the woman who could master several dance style was a little good at dancing. It was just that her image was so different that Eric could not believe it.

guests. Other departments also put aside their work. The first thing they did at work was to clean up.

Nicole inquired and realized that after 10 o'clock, the senior executives of the E Group would arrive. As the first guest to visit the company after cooperating with the AI Group, the E Group had a lot of people, not only the leaders of the E Venture Capital Company, but also the senior executives of the E Group. And the AI Group team also prepared in advance to welcome the guests with sincerity.

The two companies met, of course, there would be a big meeting to attend. The bottom staff dared not to be careless.

When Nicole went back to her office, Miss. Li was supervising the cleaning work of her department. When she saw Nicole, she was surprised. "Hi, Nicole Mr. Eric's secretary just informed me that you were sick today and asked for leave temporarily. Why did you come to work so early?"

Nicole shook her head and smiled awkwardly. "Nothing serious. I come to work and I had felt better."

Miss Li looked Nicole up and down and suddenly asked, "Nicole, Mr. Eric's secretary... Why would he ask for leave for you?"

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