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   Chapter 26 (Part One)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 6195

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Eric was shocked and quickly stepped forward to support Nicole, "Miss Lin Miss Lin?"

Nicole was unconscious for a moment. All she could feel was darkness in front of her. Then she fell down and her mind was blank. A few seconds later, she came back to her senses and indistinctly heard someone shouting at her, and her body seemed to be supported in a man's arms.

Nicole wanted to wake up. Her sleepiness was heavy and she was weak, and she couldn't control herself on her own. It was not until Eric helped Nicole into the room that she came to her senses. The moment she looked up, she saw Eric holding her in his arms, and Eric's expression seemed to be very worried.

Nicole grabbed his arm and said in a low voice, "Mr. Eric, put me down."

Eric still held her in his arms and sat down on the sofa. With one hand on her forehead, Nicole shook her head to regain some strength, but she still felt dizzy and dazzled.

Eric asked Nicole with concern, "Are you okay?"

Nicole held her head and didn't answer.

Eric reached out his hand and gently touched Nicole's forehead. He was startled by the touch, because it was very hot. Eric frowned and said, "You have a fever and it's serious. Let me take you to the hospital!"

Nicole shook her hand and said weakly, "I'm fine. I'll be fine after taking some medicine."

"The doctor has prescribed you some cold medicines, but they don't work well. You have a high fever. You'd better go and have a check."

Nicole still didn't want to bother Eric, so she said, "I'm very healthy. I used to catch a cold and have a fever, and I drank more water. I would be fine after a sleep. No matter how serious it is, I can still recover after taking some medicine..."

Eric was worried and wanted to persuade Nicole. Nicole suddenly put down her hand, looked at Eric weakly but firmly, and said in a

suitable for training to be a professional manager.

Based on this point of view, Eric and Miss Li had the same thought, so even if she did not choose the right position, they still kept Nicole.

And within Eric's expectation, two months later, Nicole quickly realized her strengths and weaknesses and finally chose a suitable position.

Half a year ago, the E Venture Capital Company had contacted with the AI Group team and Eric started to prepare for the transfer. During that period, Eric often worked overtime, so he also saw Nicole working overtime in the company in order to get familiar with the business.

Sales was a completely strange field for Nicole, not to mention this industry she had never been working before. It took her a lot of effort to change her role in the workplace. She worked very hard. Eric saw that and he appreciated such employees who were responsible for her and the company.

During that time, only the two of them often worked overtime in the company. Eric was on floor 36, and Nicole was on floor 35. But because of the structure of the office building, his big office had a French window, and as long as he stood on the window, he could see the scene of the Sales Department on floor 35.

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