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   Chapter 25 (Part Two)

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As far as Nicole knew about Lambert, Lambert wouldn't let the E Group go so easily, so it was normal for Eric to care about Nicole. And it was also because of this that Eric helped Nicole.

Nicole didn't want others to know what had happened to her family, especially Eric, so Nicole remained silent.

Without persuading Nicole, Eric suddenly took off his coat and put it on her. "You catch a cold. Let me drive you home first."

Nicole hesitated whether she should refuse or not. Maybe she relied on the warmth of Eric, or she just wanted to spend more time with Eric. Nicole was in a trance and followed Eric home with hesitation.

On the way, Nicole's hands were clasped together. She was in a dilemma. She wanted to say something for several times, but she didn't speak out a word.

After sending Nicole to the community, Eric stopped the car for a moment. Seeing that she had been silent, he could only take a breath. He pursed his lips and said to her with a smile, "It's late. Go back and have a rest early."

Eric seemed to give up. If Nicole didn't want to speak, he would never force her. So he just sent her home and didn't ask her to say anything.

However, Nicole had a guilty conscience, or maybe she didn't want to be misunderstood by Eric. In the dining room, Nicole was so humiliated that the bystanders must think she was the wrong person. She originally didn't want to mention such a hurt thing again, but if Eric misunderstood her as others, she didn't want to do so.

Nicole still didn't want to get out of the car. She sat there with her head down for a long time. Suddenly, she said in a low voice, "I was studying in the Foreign Language School when I was in middle school, Lambert is my senior... The woman and the man in the restaurant, one is my father, and the other is the mistress who destroyed my parents' marriage and replaced them And the girl held by Lambert... She is my father's illegitimate daughter and also my younger sister."

Nicole finally spoke it out. The first sentence she said was like being cut off a knife in her heart, but once she opened her mouth, she felt relaxed again.

Nicole should have said it. These things had been piled up in her heart for too long, and they were about to become a tumor. They attacked her every night. If the person she loved wanted to know, she would say it for him no matter how embarrassed she was.

Nicole invited Eric to her house. After she changed her clothes, she slowly told Eric the grudge between her and Lambert.

That night was the first time that Nicole had thought of it. It was the first time that she had been alone with Eric. It was the first time that she had talked so much to Eric, and it was the first time that Eric had listened to her so carefully.

After saying that, Nicole kept silent for a long time, and Eric didn't say anything either. There was only the sound of the clock in the living roo

m. Nicole didn't deliberately feel sad, but even though she just lowered her head and sat quietly, tears still inadvertently flowed out.

"I haven't thought about how to make trouble to Primrose. The only person I hate is Lena, but I still hurt Primrose. They asked me to pay off my debts. If Lena is willing to admit her fault and apologize to my mother, I will try my best to compensate Primrose, but they are going to sacrifice Layton. What's wrong with my brother? Why should they do that?"

Nicole said in a low voice. Because of the cold and fever, she didn't even have the strength to burst out.

"The reason why Lambert hates me so much is that he doesn't want to let me go because of Primrose. I don't want to cause any trouble to Mr. Eric. I will resign after the Spring Festival."

It seemed that Eric wanted to say something, but he hesitated. Finally, he asked gently, "Why don't you explain to Mr. Lambert?"

Nicole shook her head. "I used to try my best to explain. But it's useless. Now, there's no need to explain."

"Why is it unnecessary?"

Nicole thought that it was a private matter related to her personal feelings and whether she should tell him. However, it was Eric. Why couldn't she be honest? In her heart, Eric was a special existence. For him, Nicole had nothing that she couldn't treat specially. Nicole said in a low voice, "Because I don't care what Lambert thinks anymore. Even if he sees me as a bad person, it doesn't matter."

Eric was a little stunned, but he seemed to understand.

Nicole stood up with the help of the sofa and bowed to Eric. "I'm sorry to trouble Mr. Eric. I will finish my work at the end of this year. I won't put Mr. Eric in a difficult position."

Noticing that Nicole was in a bad condition, Eric was worried about her health. He stood up and said, "I know about the work. I have been in touch with the AI Group team these days. If Mr. Lambert has any idea, I will send someone to assist you. Your body... Are you okay?"

Nicole shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I'll be fine after taking the medicine."

Later Eric advised her in few words. It was late and Nicole needed some rest, so he said goodbye and left.

Nicole sent Eric to the door. She wanted to send him downstairs, but Eric was refused and said, "Go to bed early."

Nicole's body was very hot. She felt that her fever was getting worse and worse, and she was in a trance. She couldn't even hear what Eric was talking about, as if she would fall down after shaking twice.

Nicole didn't force herself. She said goodbye to Eric and was about to enter the house, but her hands were trembling when she grabbed the doorknob. All of a sudden, darkness came to her eyes. She tried hard to adapt, but she still couldn't catch her breath.

Seeing that Nicole didn't move, Eric looked back at her before he went downstairs. He didn't expect that she would slowly fall down...

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