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   Chapter 24 (Part One)

Love You Into My Soul By Little Red Riding Hood Characters: 6267

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Nicole got injured when she shook off Lena's hand and accidentally scratched Primrose's wheelchair. After the doctor checked on Nicole, Nicole was fine. The doctor asked the nurse to apply some medicine to Nicole's wound and bandage it. Then Nicole would be fine.

During the whole process, Eric accompanied Nicole.

Nicole's clothes and hair were still wet. It was cold in winter, and her hands and face were pale with cold, but Nicole didn't feel it at all. She was in a trance all the time.

Looking at Nicole, his expression was a little different from usual calmness, Eric suddenly whispered, "Are you okay? Let me drive you home!"

Nicole raised her head slowly and looked down at her well wrapped palm. It seemed that she just remembered something. It was already 21 o'clock in the evening. She didn't want to bother Eric anymore. She whispered, "No, thank you, Mr. Eric."

Nicole had forgotten to expose her relationship with Eric by saying that. Her voice was hoarse and it was obvious that Nicole was about to catch a cold.

Eric advised Nicole, "Take the cold medicine prescribed by the doctor."

Nicole took a look at the cold medicine and drank it with water.

Then Eric insisted again. "Let me drive you home. It doesn't matter. It is not out of my way."

Nicole didn't understand why Eric cared about her so much. Maybe he had always been warm-hearted and was willing to help others, just like when he caught her overturned suitcase at the airport and sent her to take a taxi.

Nicole could see something different in Eric's eyes. Something strange and complicated, like a whirlpool, deeply attracted her

Nicole slowly stood up and looked into Eric's eyes.

This was the first time Nicole faced Eric at a close distance. Although she had met him in the past, he had always been in a hurry. When she had just greeted him, he would nod and walk over. She always stopped at his back and looked at him with affection in her eyes. But he had always left like a gust of wind without concern. It was the first time that Nicole could look at Eric in this way.

Eric was tall, and Nicole was not short, so her conservative estimate of Eric should be 1.83 meters. Eric looked very young, not as childish as the young, but he was mature and gentle.

This was her dream man. Nicole used to be excited or unforgettable because of his back, his side face, or occasionally when he looked back. Now Eric was so close to Nicole that she could look at him up and down.

But when Nicole thought of the love she had lost, she was sad and unwilling. She had been secretly in love with Eric for so long, but in the end, Eric didn't even know who she was. She was forced to give up.

Nicole was very sad, and the suppressed emotions in her heart overflowed. She couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Eric, I used to be the sales clerk of the sales department of the E Venture Capital Company. My name is Nicole. Do you remember me?"

It seemed that Eric was surprised at her sudden question with tears in her eyes. He opened his mouth slightly, but his face was still calm. Only his eyes flashed and became more and m

ore complicated.

Nicole hoped that even if Eric remembered her a little bit, even if he had a rough impression of her, it was not in vain that she had been thinking about him for so many years at the first sight of him at the airport.

All of a sudden, a smile appeared on his face. Eric said in a gentle voice, "I know you. Owen told me in the restaurant just now."

Owen was the former project manager of the E Venture Capital Company. Owen resigned and went back to the headquarter of the E Group soon after the AI Group arrived. Just now, he had accompanied Eric to entertain Lambert. Nicole didn't expect that Manager Owen still had an impression of her.

'Did Eric care about me only when Manager Owen told him that I was one of his employees?

Did he help me just because of this, and he remembered me just because someone reminded him? I had met him several times on the airport, on the way or during the interview, but he didn't remember?'

The hope that had finally lit up in Nicole's heart was destroyed again. She lowered her head dejectedly.

However, Eric suddenly added, "When you joined the E Venture Capital Company, I interviewed you. Your resume is very excellent, but I don't understand why you are going to be a salesperson. I don't think you are suitable for sales. If you are sent to the human resources department, you will certainly make some achievements, so I asked Miss Li to keep you. Two months later, you really entered the human resources department. I heard that the salary mode of the AI Group was changed by you. You are very good! "

Nicole didn't expect such a praise. She was surprised again, and the hope in her heart was not completely extinguished, leaving only a glimmer of light.

With a gentle smile on his face, Eric praised his subordinates in an official manner. However, his words had been a great encouragement to Nicole, and had almost saved her heart. Nicole didn't expect that Eric still remembered her. He always knew who she was!

"There seems to be some misunderstandings between you and Mr. Lambert. The end of the year is around the corner. In the past few days, I have been discussing with Mr. Lambert about the year-end bonus. You are the most concerned employee of the E Venture Capital Company and the AI Group. If possible, can I know what happened between you and Mr. Lambert?" After a pause, Eric added, "Maybe I can help."

The year-end bonus was the biggest work of the company at the end of the year. After all, they had been busy for a year, and everyone was looking forward to getting more bonus. There were original rules and regulations to follow, but this year, it had changed the owner of the E Venture Capital Company, and every expense involved the interests of the two companies. This job became more complicated.

Nicole didn't know if Lambert was putting pressure on Eric, because the loss of this year was still in the charge of the E Group, and if Eric wanted to spend money, he had to discuss with the AI Group. In terms of status, Lambert was in the lead. If Lambert didn't compromise, it would be very difficult for Eric.

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