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   Chapter 23

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Their movements attracted the attention of others in the restaurant. Nicole didn't want to talk to these crazy people at all. She originally felt guilty for Primrose and made up her mind to help, but they wanted to sacrifice Layton! But Layton did nothing wrong. They kept saying that Primrose did nothing wrong, but they never thought about what other people did wrong?

As expected, the supreme crazy people was incomprehensible to ordinary people. Nicole could accept it if they came to her to ask for justice, but she couldn't bear that they got Layton involved who was innocent. Moreover, she had seen through their nature.

These people would only remember the mistakes of others and forget the harm they had caused to others. They would not feel guilty or uneasy, but only greedily ask for something, as if only others owed them, but not them. Nicole shook off Lena's hand with hatred.

However, Lena, like grasping the last life-saving hope, chased up madly and shouted, "Stop!"

Nicole couldn't walk away and went into a deadlock with her. Nicole felt that Lena had great strength. This once beautiful and proud woman had also become crazy and irrational because of her daughter's illness.

Howard and Primrose came up to dissuade.

Seeing more and more onlookers, Nicole was unhappy and shook off Lena's hand.

Lena staggered back and almost fell down. Fortunately, she was held up by Howard in time. But Nicole didn't expect that her vigorous movement would hurt Primrose who was sitting in a wheelchair next to her.

Primrose was injured by Nicole's action, and the wheelchair fell to the ground, and her arm seemed to be bleeding. Primrose gritted her teeth and curling up on the ground to support her arm.

Before Nicole could react, in the exclamation of Lena, a tall and straight man in suit and long legs rushed out of the restaurant and picked up the injured Primrose.

As soon as Nicole took a step forward, she stopped. Because that man was none other than Lambert!

Nicole didn't expect that Lambert was here. How similar was the history! When Nicole pushed Primrose down the stairs, Lambert saw it, and then blamed and hated Nicole. Now Nicole hurt Primrose by mistake, and Lambert saw it again. Lambert probably hated Nicole more and would never forgive Nicole from now on!

Lambert's face was gloomy and cold. If Nicole had seen such a face 8 years ago, she would have been heartbroken. But now she met Lambert again. Although she felt wronged, she didn't care about Lambert's feelings any more.

She didn't explain but lowered her hand, trying to take Primrose's hand.

Lambert said angrily, "Didn't you hurt her enough at that year? Why do you want to hurt her again now?"

Primrose leaned against Lambert's chest, buried her head in his chest, grabbed his collar and said in a low voice, "Lambert, don't scold my sister. She didn't mean it!"

With a cold and gloomy expression on his face, Lambert said, "I believe that she didn't do it on purpose if she just did it occasionally, but it's the second time that she has hurt you!"

Primrose didn't say anything but burst into tears.

Lambert said, glaring at Nicole, "You are such a disappointing woman." Then Lambert raised his head and said politely to the person behind Nicole, "I'm sorry, Mr. Eric. I'm going to take her to the hospital. I'm afraid I can't enjoy myself tonight. Thank you for your hospitality. I'll invite you back another day!"

The man behind Nicole gently smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. The patient is the most important!"

Nicole was shocked by the voice... This voice belonged to Eric!

Eric's voice was masculine and pleasant, as gentle as the spring breeze. But it was like a thunder that struck to the sky, making Nicole unable to come back to her senses. Nicole turned around in a daze and saw that, as expected, Eric was standing next to several senior executives of the E Venture Capital Company and several foreign consultant of the AI Group.

Eric just nodded at Lambert with a smile. He was very modest and courteous, showing his understanding for Lambert's temporary departure. Then he looked down at Nicole as if he felt the gaze from Nicole. Eric's eyes were clean and gentle. Like a crystal gem, they were shining in the dim yellow light, and there were complex colors that could not be described.

With Primrose in his arms, Lambert left in his eye-catching Maybach car.

Lena was still unwilling to give up. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "Nicole!"

Nicole withdrew her complicated gaze and didn't dare to look at Eric at all. She felt ashamed. Nicole slowly turned around and looked at Lena. Unexpectedly, a cup of strong tea was poured in front of her!

Nicole didn't dare to imagine that Lena would pour tea on her! All of a sudden, Nicole felt that she was pulled away by someone and moved aside. Perhaps the man was far away, but he was still a little slower. Although Nicole's face was not splashed, Nicole was still splashed all over her body. From her left shoulder to her chest to the hem of her dress, it was all wet, and there were a few pieces of tea on the fur collar of her overcoat.

The tea was still hot. It could be seen that Nicole might have been disfigured if it was spilled on her face just now. How vicious Lena was!

Nicole panicked and heard the person holding her shouting, "Madam, what are you doing? Is there anything that y

ou can't discuss?"

The voice was full of anger. It was from Eric. Eric saved her, but Nicole didn't feel elated. She just felt wronged. A deep sense of humiliation grew in her heart, making her feel ashamed and embarrassed. She was just panic and trembling all over.

Lena seemed not to be satisfied. She picked up another glass of water on the table and was about to pour it. Fortunately, she was stopped by Howard. Lena shouted, "I won't let you hurt my daughter again. If you hurt her once, I'll let you pay back ten times. I won't let you go!"

Seeing that he couldn't stop Lena, Howard shouted, "Enough! Don't you feel ashamed?"

Lena seemed to lose control and shouted at Howard, "It's nothing compared to the life of my daughter. I'm going to lose my daughter!"

Lena seemed to have enough trouble, or she felt that there were too many onlookers, and she was angry and sad. After venting her anger, she shook off Howard's hand and went out.

Howard followed Lena out. There were only Nicole, Eric and the others in the dining room. They were still curiously watching. No one spoke, but only onlookers just watched.

Their eyes were like knives or a cone, hurt people very much. Nicole felt like a child who had been stripped off her clothes and exposed in public. She felt ashamed. She wanted to hide, but there was no place for her to hide. So her feelings of shame, anxiety, grievance and anger mixed together, making her want to escape as soon as possible.

Holding her hand tightly, Eric asked, "Are you okay?"

Nicole looked up at Eric. Eric was still as handsome as before, and his eyes were sincere when he cared about others, but Nicole felt more and more heartbroken. Nicole was so different from Eric. In the past, she thought he was noble as a cloud and she was poor as a mud. But now, she was not good as even mud. She didn't dare to touch him or even appear in front of him, fearing that she would dirty him.

However, it was not Nicole's fault. Nicole was also a victim. How could Lena let Nicole suffer this and make Nicole lose dignity in front of the person Nicole loved most?

Nicole felt wronged. She looked at Eric, tears falling down her face. Her pale lips trembled. Nicole wanted to explain, but she couldn't make any sound. In the end, she only said weakly, "Thank you..." Then Nicole pulled away Eric's hand, bowed her head and left quickly.

Nicole was afraid that she would never appear in front of Eric again in the future. When she met Eric in the past, she was still hoping that Eric would remember her. Nicole would thought in her heart whether he knew how many times she had ever met him and whether he knew she had ever worked in his company. But now, Nicole didn't even have the courage to dream about it. She didn't even have the courage to love someone secretly.

Because Nicole felt too ashamed. Eric was not allowed to see her dirty things since he was so noble. Nicole was afraid that she couldn't show up in front of Eric anymore!

The people of the E Venture Capital Company asked, "Mr. Eric, are you okay?"

"Mr. Eric, what should we do tonight?"

It seemed that Eric had given some orders to those people, but as soon as Nicole turned out of the door of the restaurant, she couldn't hear anything anymore.

It was not raining heavily outside, but Nicole needed an umbrella. Nicole ran out in a hurry and didn't take the umbrella carefully, so she got wet all of a sudden. She decided not to hold an umbrella and walked in the rain.

There were many people on the street, and the cars were driving on the street. The city was as prosperous as day, but all of these were not in line with her. Nicole was a lonely passenger, her soul, and her mood did not match the lively street at all. She was like a walking corpse, drenched in rain, with tears, walking aimlessly.

Nicole didn't know where to go. She just walked tirelessly, with her eyes blurred and unable to see the road clearly. She just wanted to escape from the place she didn't want to go in her life!

It was not until Nicole heard the two whistling sounds of the car that Nicole turned her head to look at the Audi car beside the road. She saw that Eric turned his head to look at her in the driver's seat, and his car was also driving very slowly, following her little by little.

Nicole stopped by the road in a daze and looked at Eric in confusion.

After parking the car, Eric immediately got out of the car, held an umbrella for Nicole and said with concern. "Are you okay? Do you need any help?"

Nicole shook her head and lowered her head. Her whole body was like a flower defeated by the spring thunder, broken and crumbling. Nicole was so sad and depressed that she didn't want to face Eric. She turned around and wanted to leave.

Following her, Eric suddenly grabbed Nicole's hand and said, "Your hand is bleeding. You can't get wet in the rain. Let me take you to the hospital!"

Only then did Nicole notice that her left palm was bleeding. The blood mixed with the rain water dyed her dress red, but Nicole didn't feel the pain at all. There was a burning touch, but she had been immersed in grief and ignored it.

Eric insisted, "I'll take you to the hospital."

Nicole's heart was fragile. At this time, she couldn't refuse anyone who showed a little concern for her, so she didn't refuse Eric's request. She nodded and went to the hospital with Eric.

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