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   Chapter 1 (Part Two)

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said the curly-haired woman in mock empathy. She hid her hostility behind her sincere smile.

Ford Fu was known for his wealth and good looks in the city, and the L Group, which belonged to the Fu family, was one of the best real estate enterprises in the city.

'The way she is showing off their wealth is ridiculous. Does she think that I will be humiliated by her words? If I had been so fragile, I would have been defeated countless times over the years. If these people are showing off their material wealth, I will show them that I am better than them in other aspects.'

Having made up her mind, Nicole stood up and strolled over to the class belle, ignoring the hostility from the curly-haired woman. Nicole held out her hand and said, "Jenny, long time no see. Congratulations on your perfect marriage!"

The class belle looked at Nicole in disbelief! Nicole's expression was perfect. She was not at all affected by her vicious comments, and was, in fact, acting natural. For everyone present, Nicole looked much more sophisticated while Jenny and her sidekick friend ended up looking like upstarts.

Samuel laughed and said, "Dear Nicole is still more classy than you two flashy girls. Better walk away. Dear Nicole, forget about them. Susie and Dana have married much better than them. Truly upscale people never deign to show off! And Eddie, Quintin and Bain run their own companies. They have done a good job. Even those of us who depend on our fathers' businesses are envious of them. Jean and Dawn went to the police academy and they have a bright future too. So if you are fined for driving fast in the future, mention Dawn's name and you'll be let off easily. Ha-ha!"

Nicole immediately seized the opportunity to get some important information. She asked, "Which industry do Eddie and Quintin belong to?"

Samuel held up two fingers and asked her, "Do you know it?"

Nicole shook her head. She was at the party, especially for Quintin. She heard that he was engaged in the same industry as her, so there might be an opportunity for them to work with each other.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened. At first, Nicole thought it was Quintin, but then a male classmate came running in and shouted, "Samuel! Mr. Lambert is here. He's taking the elevator. He's almost here!"

The male classmates were surprised, while the female classmates were thrilled. All the single ladies tidied up their appearances, while those who were married couldn't wait to see the man. The woman with curly hair was also staring at the door expectantly. "Is that our senior schoolmate Mr. Lambert, the young president of the LA Group?" she asked inquisitively.

"Yes, yes! Bring me the two bottles o

f wine that I had ordered, and change the music to Mr. Lambert's taste!"

Nicole panicked. 'Why is Lambert here?'

Samuel suddenly patted her hand and said, "Dear Nicole, the person you should be talking to is Mr. Lambert. His family runs a venture capital company. If you have a suitable proposal for him, you can definitely win the project!"

Nicole was shocked. 'I am desperate for a project, but I wouldn't ask Lambert for help no matter how anxious I am. Is Samuel playing tricks on me? After what happened in the past, I don't ever want to see Lambert again in my life!' Anger rose in Nicole's heart.

Samuel and several male classmates had already gone out to take a peek at Lambert. After a while, the door opened and several handsome men in sharp suits and shiny leather shoes walked in. Lambert finally strolled in and Samuel, nodded and bowed to him. Nicole was aware of what evil lurked beneath that handsome face!

Turning away from him subconsciously, she could hear all her classmates moving towards him. This man was still the same. Wherever he went, he was surrounded by admirers. She heard the compliments of her female classmates and the gentle laughter of the men. Finally, she'd had enough. Nicole got up and marched towards the bathroom.

The music outside was loud and her heart was pounding. She hid in the bathroom and stared at the pale face in the mirror. Even with heavy makeup, she couldn't disguise her ashen face.

Lambert Lu was like a nightmare haunting Nicole's youth. No matter how hard she tried to forget him, she couldn't get over the pain. Every time she thought of Lambert Lu or heard his name, she felt like she was drowning.

She didn't know how much time had passed until Samuel knocked on the door. It was time for her to go out and face the situation. She couldn't keep hiding forever. She had done it for so many years.

Nicole pulled out her lipstick and applied it on her lips fiercely. She didn't know why she did that, but whenever she was nervous or scared, she would dress up, as if it was a protective mask that concealed her fears. She looked glamorous by the time she stepped out.

The guests were playing games. The music was loud, but Lambert Lu still turned his head slightly as if he sensed her presence. As the crowd parted, his eyes fixed on her in the flickering light. Anger was hidden within the depths of his mesmerizing eyes.

When Lambert Lu walked up to her, Nicole clenched her fists discreetly in a nervous gesture. Lambert Lu looked breathtaking with a mischievous smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. When he was close to her, he held out his hand and said, "Long time no see, Nicole. I didn't expect to meet you here!"

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