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   Chapter 119 Unaccustomed Difference

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Wendy lowered her head in silence, thinking to herself, 'Oh my god! I was wrong. The vicious mother-in-law has become gentle? No! She's the same!'

She stepped on Leo's foot. If Georgina continued to say so, the boss would probably turn the table over.

Leo raised his head slightly and nodded at the waiter, "We understand. Thank you. You can go about your work!"

The waitress was amazed by Leo's beautiful face and walked out of the room.

During the meal, Wendy felt that her stomach was cramping. If she had known it earlier, she would have gone to the restaurant in the hotel. Even if it was expensive, it was better than having meals here.

Noticing that Wendy was in a bad mood, Leo didn't say anything. He held up Georgina and walked out of the restaurant. Wendy looked back after walking far from the restaurant. She felt that she would never eat here again in her life.

Back to the hotel, Wendy thought everything should be fine, but they met several people in the elevator. Wendy didn't know these people, but judging by Georgina's expression, there people were terrible.

"Well, Mrs. Georgina, I'm thinking of playing mahjong with you. There are indeed too many things at home to deal with these days, so I can't spare time to see you. I'm ready to go to your house today, but... Alas, it's taken by the government."

Georgina forced big smile and looked at the two women in front of her. They were the women who chatted with when she had nothing to do. They were not close, but she could see what they were thinking at a glance.

Georgina has always been superior to these women. Their husbands were good, but her husband was better. Their children were good, but her son was better. You were good, but she was better.

Georgina was a woman who had gained an excellent husband and a perfect son.

"Mrs. Zhou, I don't think you have time to chat with me. You'd better go home and spend more time with Mr. Zhou when you are free, or you will be disliked by him." Georgina mocked that Mrs. Zhou was humiliated by a mistress. Now there was a woman who occupied her position all day long. She even had time to fight with her. What a stupid woman!

Mrs. Zhou's face darkened. The women, who followed Mrs. Zhou to mock Georgina, looked at each other. They thought that they were truly getting themselves into trouble. Since Georgina still had time to turn over. It wouldn't be too late to laugh at her when she really had no chance to turn over.

At the same time, they blamed all the faults on Mrs. Zhou. What an anxious woman! Could ordinary people live in this hotel? Since Georgina still lived here, it meant that the Jiang Family had the chance to fight back. Women like them should only sit and watch. Why did they come over?

"Mrs. Georgina, take care of yourself. I have something else to do. Call me if you need anything." Mrs. Li said goodbye with a smile.

"It's time for me to go home. My husband will come back today." The lady next to her echoed.

Only Mrs. Zhou stood in the elevator with a long face.


The elevator door opened. The three women rushed out of the elevator and ran away, without knowing which floor

eo. If he couldn't answer the phone, he would be relieved to see the message.

The driver took a look at the long line outside, got out of the car and talked with the other driver for a while. Then he went back to the car and said, "I'm afraid I can't. We're in the middle of the road, so we can't drive out. There's a traffic jam everywhere. Even if you get out of the car, you can't hail a taxi. You'd better wait for a while. It seems that we won't be blocked for a long time."

They had no choice but to wait.

It had been almost two hours since the taxi could go. Georgina had been taking a deep breath. Wendy also opened the door for a better air.

After the taxi could go, they got to the entrance of the hotel at six o'clock. Wendy looked up at the hotel's wall. She could see most rooms were black. She felt that they had a narrow escape from death. They lived on the top floor, so it was not easy for them to get down.

The entrance of the hotel was crowded with people. Some of them were injured. Some were still in a state of shock. Some were watching. The police officers and many reporters were gathering there.

Georgina touched Wendy and said, "Go and find Leo. He didn't answer the phone. Ask people about him."

"Okay, mom. You stay here. I'll be back soon."

It was difficult to find Leo in the noisy crowd. Everyone was shocked. No one would notice another man, let alone help to look for him.

Wendy could only keep shuttling through the crowd, with the phone in her hand. She was constantly dialing Leo's number. Noticing that the battery of her phone was about to use up, she gradually felt uneasy. Would...

Would he go upstairs? Would he come back early because he didn't find a job?

She pulled a policeman and asked incoherently, "Sir, tell me, is there a list? I want to know if my husband is in the hotel."

"Sorry, the fire has just been controlled. Our people are counting. Miss, please wait here. Don't worry."

The police's words did not make her feel at ease, but more worried. What were they counting? Were they counting the victims who died in this fire?

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