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   Chapter 118 The Deluxe Presidential Suite

Mesmerized By A Kiss By He Shuyao Characters: 10897

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Leo glanced at Wendy and put her down. He was a little drunk and dizzy. He leaned against the stair railing and squinted.

Seeing this, Wendy hurriedly held him and said, "Don't sleep here. I'll take you back to the room!"

It was not easy for her to pulled Leo, who was almost half heavier than her, into the room. When she released Leo's body, he fell directly on the bed.

Wendy went downstairs and took out the tea that she had prepared to sober him up. She knew that if he was in a bad mood, he would definitely get drunk. When she went back to the bedroom, she supported Leo and let him drink some tea. She asked curiously, "You are drunk. How did you come back?"

"Ellis sent me... He sent..."

Did Ellis come? She was busy taking care of Leo just now and even left Ellis there. Thinking of this, she stood up to look for Ellis.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Leo pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, "You can't wait to chase after him once hearing his name. Why don't you leave here and be with him!"

"You are drunk. What are you talking about?" 'Fo

and there were private rooms, she still felt it not good.

Wendy had been saying that the food here was delicious to persuade them to stay here. Georgina understood Wendy's kindness. She also knew that they have to accept the reality, so she made a decision for her son, "This restaurant is good. Let's find a quiet private room!"

"Okay, mom."

It was a busy time for restaurants, so the dishes were served slowly. Wendy was used to playing with the sterilized chopsticks, but Georgina couldn't wait any longer, "They served so slowly. If they can't catch the customers who come back, it will be closed sooner or later!"

When she said this, a waitress came in with dishes. She might have heard Georgina's words. The smile on her face was a little stiff, "I'm sorry. There are too many customers now, so we serve so slowly. Please forgive us. This is the tea. Have yourself."

Georgina opened the teapot in disgust and smelled it. Then she shook her head and asked, "How many times have you boiled it? I can't even judge its kind from its smell. Your service is really bad."

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