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   Chapter 117 I Would Rather Live In The Hotel Than Stay In Your Home

Mesmerized By A Kiss By He Shuyao Characters: 10475

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Before going to bed, Wendy particularly asked Lana to buy the Weekly tomorrow. Seeing that, Leo didn't stop her. He knew what had happened. He was curious that Rosie would help Wendy.

Early in the morning, Wendy was still thinking what would be in that magazine. When she went downstairs, Leo was having breakfast. He didn't go out today. Everything about the company had been clear and he would never go to the company again.

"Mrs. Wendy, this is the magazine you want." Lana handed the magazine to Wendy.

Wendy didn't even have breakfast. She sat on the sofa and read the magazine carefully. When she flipped over to the middle, she was overjoyed by one article.

The title was very sharp. Tiger's Son Is A Tiger Or A Cat?

In the article there were some photos. At the first sight, Wendy recognized the two men who teased her in the photos. In the photos, some people had already been famous, and some were still squandering money, but the article didn't point out their names. Rosie really did a great job!

After reading through the whole article, Wendy felt that though some leaders were serious and famous, their sons had learned something improper. In the end, not only did these sons not inherit their fathers' abilities, but were going to a wrong direction.

"Have the breakfast first!" Leo handed a piece of bread to Wendy, took the magazine from her hand, glanced at it and threw it on the table, saying, "You are so stupid. If you read this kind of magazine, you would be more stupid."

"Could you please say some good words?"

"We'll leave tomorrow morning. You can't take away anything, even the things you like." Suddenly, Leo announced the news in a gloomy tone. The official documents of the court had come, and tomorrow was the deadline. They couldn't let others take the initiative to drive them away.

"Tomorrow? Why is it so fast?" 'There should be an adjustment period of more than ten days. When did the relevant department become so fast?'

"If you don't live in my home, where are you going?" Wendy even wanted to have a big fight with this blockhead. Leo just didn't listen to her no matter how she persuaded.

"I would rather live in the hotel than stay in your home!"

"You!" Wendy was so angry that she could only sit on the sofa and didn't know how to retort. The bread in her mouth tasted more and more tasteless. She took a few bites and threw them on the table.

"You can go home."

"What? I won't leave unless you go with me!" Leaving Leo behind, Wendy ran upstairs. After she returned to her room and closed the door, she took out her phone and called Ellis.

"What's wrong, Wendy?"

"I..." She was still hesitating whether she could call Ellis at this time. However, Leo was so stubborn. He couldn't accept the situation of falling from the sky to the ground for a moment.

"I also got the news that you should move out tomorrow, right?" Ellis was always considerate. He knew that Wendy couldn't start some topics. If she said it, there would be an irreparable trace between the couple.


"Wendy, I'm going to have a drink with Leo tonight. He might come

o. He made everything clear, so that he could look more honest.

"If you want to help me, you can care more about me when I get sick. Don't care about other things."

"We have known each other for so many years. If I don't know you well, I wouldn't say I'm you bro. I know how proud you are, though sometimes I can't understand. What you insist on is completely bullshit in my eyes."

Seeing that Leo still didn't respond, Ellis was a little angry. Wendy's stubbornness made him helpless. In fact, Leo was the most stubborn one. Once he made up his mind, he won't change his mind because of external resistance.

"Now that you know me well, don't persuade me. You know me, don't you?"

"But it's not the time to be willful. You will definitely stay in a hotel, won't you? Hotel is your last choice, but I ask you, how long could you stay with your little money?"

Leo's eyes darkened. He took a gulp of wine and said, "I've planned it. I'll go to work. I can support my family. Ellis, if she wants to leave, I agree, but she doesn't want to. Then she must live such a life with me!"

"You are so stubborn, just like the character in the comedy we watched in France!" Ellis was so angry that he picked up the bottle and drank the wine up in one breath. Then he threw the bottle aside.

Hearing it, Leo smiled and said, "Thank you, bro."

"I'm telling you. If you don't come to me when you have no choice, I'll go straight to your mother!"

"I promise you." Leo smiled confidently, but he wouldn't let this day come. If he couldn't take good care of his family, he was a bad son and a bad husband!

It was one o'clock in the morning when Leo came back home. Wendy had been waiting for him in the living room because she was worried about him.

In the brightly lit living room, Leo pushed the door open and walked in confusedly. When he saw Wendy lying on the sofa and dozing off, he shook his head and walked forward, holding her up.

The moment Wendy was held up, she woke up. When she saw clearly who was holding her, she said unnaturally, "I'm awake. Put me down!"

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