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   Chapter 116 So Embarrassed (Part Two)

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Rosie's face suddenly changed. The anger slowly gathered in her eyes. Perhaps Wendy's words made her heartache, she took a look at the two people who had been listening behind for a long time. She instantly changed her face, "Come and comfort your little wife. She is about to kill me!"

Wendy's body turned stiff. She didn't know there were people behind her!

Rosie walked past Wendy with a smile and got close to Will. She turned her head and smiled cunningly, "I forgot to tell you that your husband and I are not very familiar with each other. We have only talked a few times at work, and we are just good friends."

Rosie stressed the word "friends".

Wendy lowered her head. What she was thinking now was to dig a hole here and throw herself in!

Staring at the top of Wendy's head, Leo felt both funny and moved when he saw that Wendy had regretted so much that she wanted to completely disappear at this moment.

He had to admit that he felt Wendy's sincerity and care behind her sarcastic words.

Leo reached out to pull Wendy's hand and looked at Will and Rosie helplessly, "Don't mind. She is just a little silly!"

Wendy pinched him secretly, but she still didn't raise her head. She thought it was Leo who was silly.

"Leo, please think about my suggestion." The shrewdness of a businessman flashed through Will's eyes. He smiled charmingly.

"I see. It's late now. We have to go home."

Will nodded, put his arm around Rosie's waist and walked to the door with them.

Before leaving, Rosie couldn't help but stop Wendy, "Please read the Weekly tomorrow!"

Weekly was the top magazine brand of the Dream Media. Basically, the news


"He wants all the designs of customer file boxes of my company over the years, and also the top confidential information of my mother's company. I have to work in his company for ten years. Then our house won't be taken by the government."

Wendy didn't know much about business. In her opinion, if she was in such a trouble and one person could buy her working time with these requirements, she might agree. It was a good deal for ordinary people to exchange a villa for ten years of work.

Leo sneered, "Do you think it's reasonable?"

Wendy didn't dare to answer.

"In ten years, I could help him develop the domestic market to the peak. The information I sent to him can make him seize the market steadily. The profit I will make for him will be a thousand times, ten thousand times more than he gives me."

Wendy was shocked. She was glad that she didn't say anything just now.

"So, I refused."

"Well, in fact, you can live at my home..."

"Don't mention that. I'll solve it myself."

Alas, she failed again!

I made a mistake. Q was Leo, and W was Will, Leo's senior.

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