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   Chapter 115 So Embarrassed (Part One)

Mesmerized By A Kiss By Chang Du Characters: 5532

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When the two men saw the woman, they looked shocked. They turned around and left in a hurry. Wendy secretly glanced at the sexy and charming woman beside her. Was she very powerful? Why were those men so afraid of her?

The woman had wine-red wave-like hairs. She wore a red tight skirt. The curve of her body looked sexy and itchy.

The woman noticed her peeping eyes and smiled faintly, "I'm Rosie. I know you're Leo's wife."

"Hello." She didn't know who Rosie was, but her intuition also told her that this woman was not that simple.

Rosie raised her head and took a sip of the red wine. The red wine flowed down her throat. Her body was so sexy and charming that Wendy thought herself to be a village girl!

"You better than Sallie. Leo is lucky to have you." Rosie looked at her mysteriously.

Wendy was surprised that Rosie knew Sallie. Then she realized that Leo and Sallie had been together for so many years, so it was not surprising that these people knew Sallie.

Rosie walked to the window. She was so beautiful that all women were jealous of her, but Wendy felt that Rosie seemed very lonely.

All of a sudden, the silence was somewhat embarrassing. Wendy had to break the silence, "Who were the two men just now? Are they afraid of you?"

"They are not afraid of me, but the power of the media. It seems that you don't know who I am. Let me formally introduce myself. I am the director of the Dream Media."

Dream Media? An admiration came from Wendy's heart. The bankruptcy of the Jiang Family had almost become a major topic in newspapers and magazines these days. The newspapers only wrote whatever they could attract peo

e was dressed in luxurious clothes, her childishness and loveliness could still be seen. She had all kinds of expressions on her face. Rosie envied her. She couldn't be like that for a long time.

She couldn't help but tease Wendy. Rosie pretended to be sad and said, "But now I'm a director. It is impossible for me to be with him. Although I love him, I won't give up my current life. Do you understand, Wendy? When one is put on a position, he has to consider many things. Love is not the only thing. I still need to live."

"How can you be like this? If you love him, if... He, he also likes you. It's okay for you to live together. You said you loved him but you still care so much. You don't really love him at all. I know people like you have been born with a silver spoon. Your lives are not what we can imagine. But I don't envy you at all. I don't want this kind of life. You don't know whether your friends are true to you. Once there is a problem, you will be laughed at by everyone. Living at home, you can still hear the echo of your own voice. Are you really happy with such a life?"

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