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   Chapter 52 All Love And Hatred Are Gone

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However, it seemed that fate had made people like a fool. She liked Clark, but he only liked Sallie, who thought herself to be a talented woman, proud and arrogant, and only liked Leo!

She hated Sallie since she knew that Clark was in love with her, she believed that if it weren't for her, Clark would definitely accept her and be with her sooner or later!

After all, they were a family of equal social rank, but she still couldn't restrain her emotions. On the day of their high school graduation, she said she liked him in front of all her friends who had played for a long time.

Everyone cheered, "Together, be together..." This was the effect that Emily wanted!

That day, a group of rich friends happened to come out for spring outing, which was a good opportunity for her.

But... With his eyes fixed on Sallie, Clark turned her down ruthlessly. At that time, she was so young and arrogant, how could she accept the fact that the man she loved most turned her down cruelly in front of all her friends who grew up together!

So she turned around and rushed into the forest, crying. At first, George and others wanted to go to find her, but Clark said no, and just let her be alone to think about it. She always acted like a little girl. They didn't know that the rain in the early summer would fall unprepared in a short time, at this time, everyone began to worry about Emily.

George were the most impatient people, he threw down the grill rack in his hands and said, "No! If you don't go, I'm going to find her... "

Clark still didn't move.

Leo had always been the most gloomy and moody man in the circle. But at this time, as the rain was getting heavier and heavier, he couldn't help but advised to Clark, "Brother! Why not go and find her? After all, it's not safe for a girl like Emily. If something really happens... "

Although it was not easy to get close to Leo with such character, he still held the best relationship with Clark and Sallie, and he had been listening to Clark since childhood!

It was not only because Clark was the oldest person among them, but also because he had a steady and wise character. Everyone admired him!

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and everyone had already hidden in a bamboo Pavilion. Looking at the rain outside, it seemed to come all of a sudden, but it would not stop in a short period of time!

Everyone knew that it was not that Clark didn't care about Emily, but the two of them were in conflict at this time, so they wouldn't reconcile easily, no one dared to say anything more.

George couldn't help but push Sallie. Everyone knew that Clark liked her, so he would listen to her.

Fortunately, Sallie didn't refuse, she walked up to him and comforted him, "Brother Clark, it's true! If anything happens, we can't explain it to Uncle Bruce, right? "

In the end, Clark didn't say anything more. All of them went down the mountain and look for E

ou doing! Why do you take me here? "

She didn't forget that she had made up her mind to break up with Leo from now on. Although there was no Ellis and the medical fees were almost gone, she was confident that she could get a reward in this competition and her mother could be cured by then, wasn't it?

Hearing Wendy's question, Leo just sneered and said, "Do you think I want to take you back? But my mother has come back from the business trip. What do you think will happen if she can't see you? "

It could be seen that Leo was not joking with her. Wendy's eyes darkened, it turned out that Georgina had come back.

It seemed that she had to face a lot of things in person.

Wendy didn't say anything, but frowned all the time, as if he was quite impatient. The expression on Leo's face was much worse than hers. "I advise you not to show this expression in front of my mother, otherwise..."

"I see!" Before Leo could finish his words, Wendy interrupted him, she took a deep breath and followed him into the villa.

As expected, as soon as they entered the villa, she saw Georgina sitting on the sofa and asked the servant to massage her shoulders.

Wendy walked to Georgina respectfully, bowed and greeted, "Mrs. Georgina! I'm back... "

"Well. Where did you go and come back so late?

Wendy was stunned and didn't know how to explain, she still had a faint smell of alcohol on her face!

"She went to a party with me. Mom, you can go upstairs and have a rest if you have time. After all, you just came back from Japan. I think you need to adjust to the jet lag, don't you?" Before Wendy could explain, Leo had explained for her in advance.

Wendy looked at Leo in confusion. Was he helping her?

"You are not a dutiful son at all. I haven't been back for so many days, I just came back but didn't see you say that you missed me..." Georgina pretended to be angry, but she only took a slight glance at Leo and waved at the servant.

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