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   Chapter 51 Awkward Love

Mesmerized By A Kiss By He Shuyao Characters: 9049

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"What the hell do you want to do?" Wendy also got angry. "It's late at night. Why did you drag me out to keep you company? You madman... "

Wendy had forgotten her own identity, she yelled at the back of Leo, but he threw her to the back of the car with great strength, the huge impact made her grimace in pain. "You hurt me. What do you want to do?"

Said Wendy, gritting her teeth and glaring at Leo fiercely in the dark night.

Once again, a heavy blow on Wendy's back almost made her pass out in pain. It was Leo who pushed her to the back of the car. Before she could react from the pain, a tall figure pressed down in front of her and pinched her chin hard in his hand.

"You know it hurts, huh?" Leo's tone was cold, without any warmth, it was more like a cold needle piercing through her heart.

There was a cold car boot behind her, and the man's warm chest. Wendy was forced to raise her head and bear the man's anger.

"You are such a lunatic. I have told you that it hurts. Let go of me... Let go of me! " Wendy gritted her teeth and glared at Leo.

"Hurt? Good! Then I will make you feel more painful... " After saying that, Wendy felt a surge of ferocity. Leo crazily looked for something in her mouth, and the ferocious and savage plunder, he pressed her hands on the car roof, making her unable to move.

Soon, Wendy smelled the blood in her mouth.

Tears got down. They slid down her cheeks unscrupulously, but... The pain was nowhere to be found.

It seemed that Wendy's tears fell into the mouths of the two, which were salty.

Leo's reason was quickly pulled back at this moment, he seemed to leave Wendy and looked at her coldly with vigilance in his eyes.

However, Wendy ignored Leo's existence, she seemed to have been drained of all her strength, slowly sliding down from the back of the car, and then... She buried her face between her knees, and the painful tears could no longer be controlled.

She was so depressed that no one could accompany her, then just let her cry unscrupulously at this moment!

Only once.

She didn't know how long she had cried, her eyelids were a little bit heavy, it seemed that her eyes were swollen.

She had thought that Leo would definitely leave, leaving her alone on this strange elevated highway as before.

But this time, when Wendy raised her head slightly, she saw the long and lonely back of Leo. At this moment, he was standing on the edge of the elevated highway with his back to her. His slender fingertips flickered with a flickering light, which was obviously from the cigarette butt of his fingertips.

Did she make a mistake?

This man sometimes also felt lonely?

But... The wind blew up the hem of h

just came back from England. Do you have a friend? Or just trying to get close to me? Are you here to ask for credit? "

Emily was stunned! The pain almost engulfed her.

It turned out that he knew it all the time?

Was she acting herself again? But now... She wanted to say sorry to Wendy the most!

Forgive her willfulness, she just loved the man in front of her too much!

"Brother Clark! I... " Emily opened her mouth, when she was about to say something, she felt a lump in her throat.

"You have grown up. That innocent and lively Emily has become so emotional now..." But in the end, Clark still stepped forward and touched Emily's head.

Emily's nose twitched again. When she was a child, Clark often touched her like this, such tenderness made Emily sink, she grabbed his slender hand, unwilling to let it go. She widened her eyes desperately to prevent the tears from falling from her eyes. "You... Are you getting married? "

Clark didn't say anything, he just wanted to comfort Emily and pull his hand out of her hand, but she was stubborn and refused to let him go. So he had to give up. Looking the stubborn look in Emily's eyes, Clark nodded imperceptibly and sighed, "Yes!"

"Why? Don't you like Sallie? Why do you give up now? Are you willing to get married? " Emily said angrily, but her tears fell down uncontrollably again, dripping all over her face.

They grew up together. When she was a child, she liked Clark all the time. Everyone saw that. Did he know that?

She didn't know, but she didn't know Clark's thoughts at all. He didn't accept or refuse. Emily really hated such kind of person, but love was love, she couldn't let Clark go, nor could she forget him.

Her mind was full of Clark, but he only liked Sallie! It was the same from beginning to end!

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