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   Chapter 49 Getting Drunk

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All eyes were fixed on the direction of Wendy and Leo.

In the beginning, wherever Leo went, he would always be the focus of everyone's attention. But now, with such a big noise, even George could not help but tease, "Mr. Leo! Did you do something to this lady? She is so angry, but you are not such a person, is it because she is so beautiful and you just have such a crush on her... "

The people around them all laughed and laughed. In front of everyone, Leo was always calm and self-control, but every time he met Wendy, there was an exception, he really underestimated this woman's destructive ability!

"Click!" All of a sudden, the light was turned on, and the dim hall was lit up in an instant.

Wendy's face flushed slightly and she fell on the tea table, looking quite embarrassed. At this time, Clark, who had been holding a glass of wine, looked at everything in front of them as if he was watching a play, his eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a sharp aura in his eagle-like sharp eyes.

No one had expected this to happen.

What happened?

It was Emily who brought Wendy here, so someone had already looked at her. Emily was also stunned, but she soon came back to her sense.

Quickly, she walked up to Leo and pulled Wendy out of his hand. "What are you doing? Leo, aren't you always graceful? Are you crazy since Wendy's so beautiful? "

Emily had always been forthright and innocent, so now she even said so, everyone felt nothing strange.

However, the look in Clark's eyes became deeper and deeper.

Without saying a word, Leo's face turned ghastly pale. Wendy, on the other hand, fell into the arms of Emily, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. While protecting Wendy, Emily glared at Leo with righteous indignation.

Everyone was whispering, but they didn't dare to go forward. After all, in C City, Leo had a great influence, and few people could go against him, so they stayed where they were.

However, George, who was sitting beside them smiled and tried to mediate, "Alas! What was going on? This girl might be drunk. As you know, Leo doesn't like women to get drunk, let alone such a beautiful girl, so he has a tender heart for this lady... "

Emily still glared at Leo fiercely!

"Okay, okay! How about we play something else? It's not easy for us to get together, don't just sit and chat. When can't we talk? Don't you think so? " George proposed excitedly.

But obviously, no one was interested in it. With a long face, Leo was still sitting there, the atmosphere around him was so depressing that even the men and women sitting next to him didn't dare to speak. Emily, on the other hand, was still glaring at Leo with resentment. However, only Clark

ey were quite curious about what question Emily would ask!

Wendy's curiosity was aroused at this time, she stared at Emily, who was lost in thought. Emily thought for a while and looked at George seriously. "How many times do you have a night?"

Obviously, no one expected that Emily had such a strong taste, Wendy couldn't help blushing and covered her mouth with her slender hands.

"You... You... Why are you so cruel? " George were exasperated, under the light, his fair and handsome face could not help but turn red.

"What? What/ What? Didn't you tell me that asking everything is okay? " Emily rolled her eyes and almost fell down from the chair, then she patted her thighs, picked up the whisky on the table and gulped it down, her pale face instantly flushed.

"All right! The next round... " Emily said proudly.

This time, it was the turn of Clark, but the first circle was shifted to Wendy. Since they were not familiar with Wendy, they didn't laugh but listened to Clark patiently.

As a gentleman, they believed that Clark wouldn't make things difficult for the girl!

But they were obviously wrong...

Clark's eyes darkened slightly, he was extremely beautiful in the dim light. "Who is your first man?"

Hearing that, everyone was shocked, and Emily was even more irritated. "Clark, how can you ask a girl such a question?"

George also nodded awkwardly, "Yes! This... " Alas! For a moment, he couldn't make up any more.

Wendy trembled uncontrollably, she lowered her eyes slightly, and her thick eyelashes covered her panic, she didn't look at Leo, but didn't notice that there was a black shadow in his eyes.

Of course he was Wendy's first man! How could he forget that night with Wendy that day? Wendy left in a hurry, but the bright red mark on the sheet was so real.

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