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   Chapter 32 The Party

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Of course, Leo had also noticed the happiness of Wendy. His eyes became colder and colder, he didn't know what had happened to him just now. How could he be so angry? He had always controlled himself well!

He was calm and self-control in front of outsiders, but now... Because he didn't get any response from the gift he sent?

So he was so angry in front of so many people?

Maybe it was just that he had never been refused by others, so he felt it difficult to accept. Was it true?

Feeling the happiness of Wendy beside him, she was totally different from the time when she first came to the Jiang Family. At that time, she also smiled, but she was wearing a mask. But in the past two days, her smile was as pure and beautiful as orchids.

But the happier Wendy was, the more uncomfortable he felt!

Soon the car stopped in front of the largest JX Club in C city. The lights in front of the car were bright and the crowd was noisy, but the appearance was an elegant look.

There were all kinds of sports cars around them. Wendy had an illusion that the best sports cars in C city had all stopped at the door of the club.

Leo had already got off the car, standing beside the car, he opened his wrist. Letting out a deep sigh, Wendy put her hand into the crook of Leo's arm.

Well, maybe this was the last time!

Wendy said this to her. Tonight, she didn't remember how many words she had said to comfort herself by taking advantage of her spirit, but when she thought that she could live happily with her mother and Ellis, she didn't feel unhappy at all.

The two of them walked into the JX Club slowly.

As expected, wherever there was Leo, there would be a focus. They walked into the depths of the club through the Golden Corridor. The moment the door opened, Wendy heard the noise around them, the sound of people, the sound of cameras, and the sound of toasting and clinking glasses.

of course! And the sound of women's scream...

Wendy really felt that it was unwise for her to agree to attend the party in a few days. Obviously, these women had no idea what reason was since they saw Leo. She was really worried that if she could go back alive today, then she would be thankful.

Everything was too chaotic, she even felt that it was so chaotic that she couldn't see it clearly.

"Wow! Today, Mr. Leo from the Jasmine Group really came to attend... "

"I don't know what brought him here. I've never seen him attend such a party like a private engagement ceremony..."

"Yes! Right! But it was not right. The bridegroom today was a good friend of Mr. Leo... How could he not come? "

"I don't think so. Even if his mother, Mrs. Georgina, remarried, he could be so arrogant not to attend, let alone just a friend..."

Wendy could only hear these words faintly, but her hea

. Now it was the right time...

Wendy loved desserts very much. Seeing so many and varied desserts, she was really happy.

Which one would she like to eat first? She was really suffering from the choice!

After hesitating for a while, Wendy started to eat the Brownie. The strong milk fragrance flowed between her teeth, she tasted it and then couldn't wait to eat the salty and sweet egg tarts, the milk flavor was still strong!

Immersed in the sweet and delicious temptation, she didn't notice the hostility approaching her at the moment.

It was not until the two slender figures stood in front of her and had no intention of leaving that Wendy found that they was coming for her.

Wendy put down the exquisite tray in her hand and looked at the two women in front of her. They were almost the same height. Because of their heavy makeup, in Wendy's eyes, they were almost the same in appearance, while the biggest difference might be their hair style.

In fact, the woman in a red gauze dress was a tall woman with big waves, looking sexy and flirtatious, while the other one was a short-haired beauty with OL style, who was in a dark purple evening dress, beautiful but fierce, and at this moment, she was aggressively looking at Wendy.

No matter how unfamiliar Wendy was with these circles, she knew that these two women had malicious intentions, but judging from their posture, it was obvious that they did not want to take the initiative to talk to her.

Wendy just smiled, "Sorry, did I block your way? I'll go away now... " After saying that, Wendy turned around and left like a fool who knew nothing.

But... After two steps, the woman in the purple evening dress had already walked in front of Wendy and blocked her way. Wendy turned sideways, behind her was the woman in the red evening dress.

It seemed that playing dumb didn't work today.

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