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   Chapter 31 The Jewelry

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During this period of time, Wendy could feel that all the waitresses around looked at Leo with desiring eyes, which made her want to laugh. It turned out that such eyes were not only when a man saw a beautiful woman! Women would have reacted in the same way when they saw handsome men!

It seemed that Leo didn't notice anything, he still walked into the innermost part of the room with an expressionless face. The deeper he walked into the room, the more bright the light was, as if all the lights were gathered in the innermost part, making people feel honored.

That feeling... Wendy was not used to it!

Except for the bright light, these jewelry couldn't be eaten or drunk. It was just a flaunting object, how could it compare with the happy time with people's beloved family? The most precious thing in the world was the harmonious life.

Thinking of her mother and Ellis, Wendy felt warm in her heart, it seemed that she had the strength to live on.

So at this time, Leo suddenly stopped. Wendy was still immersed in her own world and didn't notice it at all, she felt a lump in her nose and almost cried out.

"Don't you have eyes? Why didn't you tell me that you suddenly stopped? " Wendy's patience for the whole day burst out at this moment. Yes! She showed her true personality at this time.

At this moment, facing her, Leo frowned deeply, seeming to be quite unbelievable.

But all right! He should have been used to such a shrewish woman as Wendy, only in this way could he see the real Wendy!

On the other hand, the jewelry store assistants were all shocked and looked at each other. They all looked at Wendy in disbelief.

The atmosphere in the jewelry store was weird, and no one dared to speak, as if they didn't even have a big breath. Wendy touched her nose and looked at the people with a stiff face in an instant, she could be sure if she had said something wrong.

Although she always talked to Leo in this way when they were in the Jiang Family, but now... It seemed that no one could accept it outside?

Leo's eyes turned cold when he looked at Wendy. How dare this woman?

Did he really spoil her too much? She couldn't control her temper even when they were outside. He was crazy to be so good to this woman, how ungrateful he was!

"Come here!" Then Wendy felt like a little chicken being carried to a semicircle counter.

"You hurt me..." Wendy frowned and glared at Leo.

Leo didn't say anything, he just looked at Wendy as if he said, "If you don't shut up, I'll make you hoarse!"

Wendy immediately stopped talking and felt cold on her back. In fact, what she didn't know was that she had been yelling at Leo all the time, it

something! What's more, she refused Mr. Leo's kindness... "

"In my opinion! It's disgusting to indulge in lust... "

What they said was unpleasant to hear, Wendy felt uncomfortable! But she knew that it was not her thing and she shouldn't have it!

Her mother had always told her this since she was a child, so she knew it well.

But... It seemed that Wendy had forgotten how Leo felt at this time. With a livid face, he stared at Wendy, the rage in his eyes spread, and for a moment, Wendy forgot to breathe.

It turned out... This was the real expression of Leo's anger, which made people feel cold all over the body.

She even forgot to breathe...

"I never let others take back what I bought!" All of a sudden, Leo said in a cold and hard tone, the air seemed to be frozen by his voice. No one dared to say anything, and they all stood respectfully, not even breathing.

Wendy stood aside with a long face. Wasn't it good for her to save money for him?


Wendy was puzzled! After casting a reproachful glance at Wendy, Ryan took the Agate from the counter for her.

Did Ryan also blame her?

What was wrong with her behavior? Why should they blame her? It was so ridiculous!

Wendy felt wronged and annoyed, but she still followed behind Leo to go out.

After getting in the car, as expected by Wendy, Leo didn't say a word to her anymore, the embarrassing atmosphere in the car was full of anger.

Wendy, on the other hand, looked out of the window, the lights were bright and colorful It's so beautiful!

It turned out that she had a beloved man in her heart, who had arranged a place for her. So she would find that the whole world was filled with love, everything was so beautiful that the crowded traffic on the street was filled with happiness.

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