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   Chapter 30 Attending The Party

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Wendy couldn't help laughing, "Why don't you tell me that you are so afraid of the height?"

Ellis's body stiffened and said with a little grievance, "I have promised you that I will take you wherever you want to go. It's not easy for you to propose a place, if I won't go, then I will break my promise, won't I?"

After hearing that, Wendy felt warm in her heart. Looking at the side face of Ellis, her heart seemed to be softened by the man.

Wendy didn't say anything, she frowned and took his hand, then sighed and said, "I know. But don't do that again, okay? I don't want something happen to you in this way, then I have to be a widow, right? "

Wendy said frankly. She was confident that when she loved someone, she would not hide it. She did not like to be distant, just in order to make a man keep a longer sense of freshness for you. In her opinion, if a relationship needed to be maintained by schemes, then separation was only a matter of time.

The two looked at each other, they were both of strong emotions. At this moment, it seemed that time was still!

After coming back from the bungee jumping, the two of them went to have dinner together and watch a movie. Then, Ellis sent Wendy back. When Wendy returned to the Jiang Family, Leo didn't come back, and Georgina hadn't come back for several days, the housekeeper told her that she was on a business trip.

Wendy tiptoed into the hall, the Butler had stopped Wendy with a smile on his face. Wendy's heart skipped a beat, she wondered if the Butler had found out that she was sent back by Ellis.

Wendy hesitated for a while, but didn't get a nervous answer. Instead, she received a beautiful box in a purple evening dress. The box was large, and the Butler handed it to Wendy. "What's this?"

Confused, Wendy looked at the Butler blankly. The Butler still wore a smiling face, but today he looked at her strangely and ambiguously, as if he had seen through something. Wendy had a bad feeling in her heart, and the Butler said with a smile, "Look at how well Mr. Leo has treated you, and the dress he specially bought for you!"

It turned out that it was a dress sent by Leo for her to wear tomorrow! Wendy understood what she meant, but the Butler misunderstood them, he thought it was a gift from Leo.

Wendy didn't say anything more, but lowered her eyes slightly to cover her thoughts. She didn't explain anything and just let him misunderstand. At that time, it would also be easy to be explained to Georgina.

It was not until Wendy returned to her room that she opened the gift box. Inside the box, there seemed to be a long black dress with conservative design, which tightly wrapped her body, but... However, there was something special behind the back. Her beautiful back completely spread to her waist, revealing her perfect back curve.

at this moment, there was no hostility, but a rare tenderness, then this tenderness disappeared soon.

Like a meteor, it flickered in a trance without leaving any trace.

After helping Wendy up, Leo quickly pulled his hand back, the alienation between the two appeared, he said coldly, "Don't embarrass me later in the party..." Then he walked into the jewelry store with his slender legs.

Wendy followed Leo and made a face at his back, but she kept telling herself to be patient. 'You must be patient!

Anyway, you would leave here soon, wouldn't you?'

At this moment, Wendy gradually calmed down.

Sure enough, it was the largest in C city, the decoration of the R store was described as glorious, the beautiful place always made people feel dazzling, now she really didn't know... Why there would be so many people flocking to such a place?

In the bright hall, all kinds of precious jewelry and jade came into sight. Before Wendy could have a look, she heard a thunderous scream, full of confidence and order. "Mr. Leo, welcome to our store!"

Wendy couldn't help but sigh. Yes, maybe everyone in C City knew Leo! If people like him go to a store, they would get a commission for several days!

Of course, there was also a big reason why Leo could attract so many people's attention, it must be related to his enchanting face, which was admitted by Wendy.

This man had an angular face, a resolute and bold look on his face, he looked very manly. Compared with Leo, the masculine aura of Ellis was weaker, but gentler, like a pool of spring water, moisturizing people's heart. However, Leo was like a tidal wave, surging and overbearing, making people unprepared.

She liked spring water more. Wendy felt it was lucky for her to prefer spring water more, since if she fell in love with the tide, she might be hurt all over!

God? What was she thinking about?

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