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   Chapter 29 Evening Dress

Mesmerized By A Kiss By He Shuyao Characters: 9306

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As soon as Wendy entered the house, she saw the butler. Wendy happily greeted him and then entered the house. The butler was obviously frightened by the happy look on her face.

Because after Wendy came to the Jiang Family, although there was no emotional change of her, she was generally quite calm and indifferent, and there seemed to be nothing that made her happier. In fact, it was acceptable to think about it carefully. If his own child did such a thing in the Jiang Family, she would definitely not be happy.

But... Miss. Wendy seemed to be in a good mood today.

Wendy didn't notice the difference of the butler. Instead, she walked into the hall happily, when she saw Leo sitting on the sofa, her smiling face darkened. She wanted to walk away from Leo as if she had seen nothing, but she was stopped by him.

"Where are you going?" Leo said in a cold tone. Sitting on the sofa, he was still holding the newspaper in his hand, not intending to put it down.

Wendy rolled her eyes and said indifferently, "I want to go back to my room. Mr. Leo, may I do it?"

"I'm not at home these days, you seem to be so happy!" Leo didn't intend to let her go, but he seemed to come to make trouble on purpose. Wendy just sighed in her heart, she could only bear it, especially when it came to the key point. Maybe after a period of time, Ellis would solve all the problems, and then she would move out.

Although Leo had taken everything from her, she knew that he didn't mean to do that, so she shouldn't vent her anger on him all the time. It was unfair to him, after all.

After all, it was fate that made them know each other, wasn't it?

Besides, she was leaving soon, there was no need to get any trouble with Leo now.

Wendy sighed deeply and turned to look at Leo, trying to put on a smile. "Have you had dinner? I'll cook for you, okay? "

Surprised, Leo glanced at Wendy in a trance. Obviously, it was hard for him to accept the fact that Wendy who had always been like a hedgehog, suddenly became meek and lovable. He couldn't help but almost ask her if she had taken the wrong medicine!

But all of a sudden, he saw the dark green pendant on the woman's neck, the Blue Sea Star! It was a famous design from Italy and was the only one in the world...

It seemed that Wendy also felt that Leo's eyes were fixed on her neck, then Leo's relaxed eyes suddenly turned cold and gloomy, the good look on his face disappeared in an instant and he walked past her coldly.

"Come to the party with me the day after tomorrow. I'll ask someone to send the dress home!" Then he went upstairs without looking back.

"Hey! I don't want to go! You can find someone else! " Wendy shouted behind Leo in a hurry, Leo suddenly paused and didn't move.

A man like him coul

bout... How about we go bungee jumping? " Wendy always liked provoking things. So this suggestion was from the bottom of Wendy's heart.

But... On the other side, Ellis looked weird, he didn't seem to understand Wendy's suggestion. He couldn't help but ask, "Isn't it said that girls hate that kind of stimulating thing?"

Wendy didn't think so, she thought that Ellis was just thinking about her, so she immediately showed no fear. Wendy was immersed in her own thoughts and didn't notice the difference of Ellis.

It was not until they arrived at the bungee jumping course that Wendy realized that the person Ellis was really worried about was not her, but himself. Seeing that Ellis held the handle of the bungee jumping course tightly and was unwilling to let go, he was so nervous that his face turned pale, and there were even sweat on his handsome forehead.

Wendy couldn't help laughing, she held his hand and asked with a smile, "What's wrong with you? Are you afraid? "

Ellis knew that Wendy did it on purpose. How could he be coward in front of the woman he loved? He loosened his grip with a pale face, clenched his teeth and pretended to be calm, "How can I be afraid? Let's go! "

Wendy realized that Ellis was afraid of the height! It turned out that Ellis had this weakness!

When the worker helped them buckle up the belt, Ellis had been shivering all the time, but Wendy didn't say anything. The two didn't leave immediately after the bungee jumping.

Instead, they took a rest in the lounge. Wendy put her hand on Ellis's back and handed him a bottle of water.

After a heart wrenching vomiting, Ellis finally recovered, but he still looked tired, his face was still pale.

Wendy asked Ellis to lean on her. This time, he didn't show any stubbornness, but just fell on the shoulder of her quietly, gasping for breath.

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