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   Chapter 28 Love Each Other

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"I don't care. I know that you have nothing to do with Leo. I'm his best friend, I know that he only loves Sallie!" Ellis interrupted Wendy and said.

On the other hand, Wendy was a little surprised to hear this name from other people except Leo.

The first time was in the morning when she had slept with Leo, now she heard it again from Ellis. Although Wendy had no interest in Leo's private life, she was still very curious about this person.

What kind of woman would make Leo keep thinking about? She knew how arrogant and proud Leo was. What kind of woman would he loved?

However, what surprised Wendy more was Ellis's attitude, she couldn't help but feel relieved and joked, "Are you really the best friend of Leo?"

Ellis frowned and looked at Wendy in confusion.

Wendy explained with a smile, "So you want to take me away since you think you're best friends?"

Ellis's sad eyes opened wide in an instant, the sun shone into his eyes, and the same light flashed. Wendy felt her palm warm, but it turned out that her hand had been held by Ellis.

Wendy wanted to struggle, but Ellis was so strong that she couldn't get rid of him.

"I can give everything to him except you..." All of a sudden, Ellis stopped and pulled the pass to face with Simon. After a pause, he continued, "I... Won't! "

It was like a drum beating her heart, Wendy was too astonished to say a word, and her face flushed slightly.

After a while, the two looked at each other for a while. Wendy felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head slightly, she couldn't help saying, "but Shelly!"

"Trust me! Shelly and I grew up together. Of course after I left you... " Ellis smiled with gentle eyes. Wendy didn't say anything. He continued, "Her dependence on me is just a kind of admiration for her brother!"

"But..." When Wendy was about to say something, her palm was pinched hard by Ellis. He was a little unhappy like a child, so she had to keep silent and listen to him.

"My wedding with Shelly was decided by my family, I used to think it was the same to marry anyone, but since I met you, I didn't expect that I would fall in love!" Ellis said confidently.

Wendy couldn't help laughing, because what Ellis said was like telling a story. But looking at his serious face, in order not to be pinched again by him, she shut her mouth tightly and listened to his words, "Meeting you... It's the happiest thing for me these days, so I will tell Shelly's father to cancel my wedding with her. "

Wendy was worried that Shelly would be hurt, so she looked a little sad.

Ellis had read Wendy's mind, he sighed deeply, "It's better to have short pains than long pains. I won't make Shelly happy all my life, why don't I make it clear now?"

Wendy had no choice but to nod at this time.

The two of them walked into a man-made pavilion, when they arrived at the pavilion, Ellis walked in front of Wendy and blocked the sunlight. Wendy sat on the stone bench opposite him, while he sat on the other side facing the sunlight. Wendy was a little bit touched.

Although she was beautiful and delicate, and there were many boys who liked her since she was a child and even wrote some letters to her, Ellis was the first one to be so considerate in details.

How could Wendy not be moved?

At this time, thinking of the deal between her and Leah, Wendy felt even more shameful, she couldn't help but raise her head slightly, and her expression flashed, "I... I don't deserve you! "

Ellis grabbed her hand and said, "How could you say that? I know you did all this against your own will. Don't worry. I will try my best to treat auntie! You can move out from the Jiang Family then! Be with me... Okay? "

It turned out... Everything... Ellis knew it! In order to save her face, Ellis didn't speak it out.

Ellis had been so sincere, what else could she say?

"So... Are you willing to be with me? " Ellis held Wendy's hand and looked at her seriously.

Wendy didn't know what was going on, she looked at Ellis in confusion.

Then, Ellis had already expressed his feelings with his actions, he bent down slightly and stood in front of Wendy. Under Wendy's confused and hesitant expression, he leaned slightly close to her lips, and kissed her.

All of a sudden, Wendy even forgot to push him away, she even forgot to breathe a

t that moment...

Ellis's kiss was different from Leo's. Because Wendy had given her virginity to him, she was always a little aggressive and rude, but Ellis's kiss was so gentle, slowly moving between her teeth, and slowly probing between her teeth...

Wendy forgot to breathe and slowly handed the initiative to Ellis. Ellis held Wendy's body with all his strength, as if he wanted to embed her into his body.

The kiss seemed to be very long, and Wendy could feel that there was a slight fragrance in his breath. After the kiss, the two of them did not speak for a long time, but their foreheads were against each other's, and each breath was filled with each other's.

Wendy's heart was full of sweetness! It turned out that falling in love with someone could be so beautiful.

It was as if everything had been tainted with honey.

It was hard for Wendy to describe her feelings at the moment.

The two sat in the artificial pavilion, hand in hand, they looked at the lake and talked to each other, Ellis asked Wendy to waiter for a period of time...

Everything needed time. His marriage with the Shelly's family needed time, and the relationship between Ellis and the Jiang Family... Everything was tricky.

Of course, Wendy knew the difficulty, she felt sorry for Ellis, but since she couldn't help him, she just needed to quietly wait for his good news and trust him with all her heart. With such a firm thought in her heart, she nodded seriously. "Okay, I know, I will wait patiently! Wait for your good news... "

Looking at such a gentle wife-like Wendy, Ellis couldn't help but kiss her on the head.

All of a sudden, Ellis gave a smile, which made Wendy feel strange. Surprised, she asked, "Why are you... What are you laughing at? "

"I was thinking when you first bullied me in primary school and threw my stationery box down the stairs, do you remember?" Ellis suddenly asked with a smile.

Wendy shook her head blankly, but couldn't help teasing, "You are so narrow-minded! You still remember such a thing so long ago... "

Ellis held Wendy in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Guess it. If you're right, I have a gift for you!"

"Really? What gift? " Wendy's eyes lit up.

Ellis couldn't help laughing and pretended to say sadly, "It turns out that you are more interested in gifts than my past! I'm so sad... Alas! "

Looking at his disappointed expression, Wendy couldn't bear it, so she raised her head as if she was seriously thinking about this question.

After a long while, Ellis couldn't wait any longer. Wendy heaved a sigh of relief and looked at him, asking, "Are you... Are you so angry that you want to kill me? "

Ellis couldn't help laughing, "How could you come up with such a bloody scene? Am I like this in your heart at that time? "

Wendy shook Ellis's shoulder, "Alas! Don't let me guess! Too many brain cells have died! "

Ellis could feel Wendy's childish gesture, he suddenly felt warm in his heart, and his eyes were full of tenderness when he looked at her.

There seemed to be a ray of light, mixed with the afternoon sunshine, completely scattered in front of Wendy, she only felt a chill on her neck, the tall body of Ellis had unwittingly circled around her body, and his arms crossed in front of her. A dark green crystal pendant, deep and bright, shone in the sun, which gave off a refreshing luster…

"This is..."

Wendy couldn't help touching the pendant, with a strange feeling in her heart.

Ellis looked at Wendy with his brown eyes and couldn't help laughing. "Do you like it? I wanted to give it to you when I was in the hospital last time, but... When you heard my confession, you just ran away! "

Hearing Ellis mention such an embarrassing thing, Wendy couldn't help but blush. Looking at the shining crystal pendant, Wendy looked at Ellis and nodded earnestly. "Thank you!" You are so kind to me...

Ellis gently touched Wendy's face and said, "I hope you will never say thank you to me, okay?"

Wendy smiled and nodded.

The two chatted for a while before Ellis left, Wendy had promised him to give him some time to deal with the problem. It was a little dark when she returned to the Jiang Family.

But because of Ellis, her bad mood in the past few days seemed to be moved away completely, and her whole body was cheerful now.

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