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   Chapter 27 Meet Her Friend

Mesmerized By A Kiss By He Shuyao Characters: 9150

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But in fact, Wendy didn't meet Ellis at all! Gradually, Wendy felt relieved. She didn't want to do it in secret anymore...

One day, Wendy was peeling an apple for her mother in the hospital. In the past few days, she came to the hospital to accompany her mother from time to time, so Cheryl was very happy and looked good, but she only asked some questions that Wendy didn't know how to answer.

For example, now...

"Wendy! Why didn't your handsome friend come here these days? He often came to talk with me when you were away a few days ago! " Like a child, Cheryl kept asking Wendy questions.

Wendy froze for a moment and even stopped peeling the apple. "Mom, he might be busy recently..."

"But isn't he working in the hospital? He should be in the hospital even if he was busy! Why didn't I see him? " Cheryl continued to ask.

Wendy was stunned, "Alas! Mom, we are just ordinary friends, how can he come to us for a long time! Maybe he has his own business... "

Wendy explained patiently, hoping that her mother would not be suspicious. But obviously, her wishful thinking was wrong. "Ordinary friend? How could it be possible? I think he likes you very much, he even forced me to tell him about your childhood... "

Wendy's face darkened, it seemed that even her mother could tell that Ellis liked her, only she herself was stupid. In fact, at the moment when the inexplicable love emerged, she should have strangled it into the cradle.

Now... She didn't have much money now, but her mother's condition was not stable, by then... She didn't dare to think about it.

After leaving the hospital, Wendy called Chelsea, who was watching a movie with Wilson, but when she heard the phone call from Wendy, she immediately came to the cafe with her boyfriend.

Seeing that Wendy was sitting in front of them, Chelsea rushed up and gave her a big hug. "Hey, what have you been doing recently? Why didn't you come to me? Do you know how much I miss you? "

Thinking of her recent life... It was hard for Wendy to tell Chelsea the truth, how could she make her best friend worried? So she pulled her to sit down with a smile and said, "Well! I'm too busy recently. "

Wilson smiled gently at Wendy and sat opposite to her, looking at his girlfriend dotingly. Wendy was envious... Being loved and doted on by such a man was truly a life without regret!

Wilson was an excellent lawyer with a wide range of contacts. Although he was eloquent in the court, what he did in private was not in accordance with his appearance. In fact, Wilson was a man with few words in private. However, there were a lot of words of Chelsea, and the two were complementary to each other. Wendy had always thought that Wilson and Chelsea w

. I... I just think it's not good for the people in the Jiang Family to find us like this! " Said Wendy with a forced smile.

In fact, at that moment, she was so greedy for that hug. During this period of time, Georgina looked peaceful, but in fact, she was cold. Besides, she was always teased and sneered by Leo, used by Leah, and her father was coward... She could only rely on herself, but only when she was with Ellis, she felt that dignity was the most relaxed...

Perhaps even she herself began to be confused, she didn't know if that was love. She had never been involved in love since she was a child, but the surging tenderness of his body when they got close made Wendy firm that it should be love!

"Come with me!" Ellis suddenly interrupted Wendy's thoughts and suggested.

Wendy nodded. After all, it was not safe to stand at the gate of the Jiang Family. Even if Leo and Georgina didn't come back, the Butler could see them when he came out.

Jasmine's club of the Jiang Family was located in the suburb, but it was not that desolate. There was a small park within a mile, but it was just work time in the afternoon, so there were not many people.

The two of them walked along the artificial lake, the light wind blew slightly and stirred up dust. It was still a little hot in September...

"Why have you been away from me these days?" Ellis insisted on asking this question, as if he made up his mind to get the answer.

Wendy didn't know how to explain her situation, but she knew there were too many people between her and Ellis, so she never dared to lose control of her heart.

But Ellis's eyes were so sincere and gentle at the moment, Wendy opened her mouth. Looking at Ellis, she felt a little embarrassed to say it, but she still forced herself to say it. "Leo and I... Actually... "

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