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   Chapter 26 Knowing The Truth

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But when Wendy brushed past Leo and went downstairs to the kitchen, Leo didn't leave her room immediately. Instead, he sat on the sofa and looked around her room.

As it was the guest room of the Jiang Family, it was delicate and luxurious, but the room was a little empty and desolate. At the first glance, Leo saw a book on the desk. Frowning, he walked in and saw a book about painting, with some manuscript beside it.

They were all about wedding dresses! The brushwork seemed to be very professional, but Leo didn't know much about it, so he didn't know the meaning of it, he just thought that Wendy seemed to be quite talented.

He didn't expect her to have such a hobby. He had always thought that she was just a little smart. Looking at the delicate sketch in his hand, he couldn't help smiling, but his eyes were still cold. It seemed that he didn't know her well enough, he had underestimated this woman.

Hearing the footsteps, Leo put down the documents in his hands and returned to the sofa. When Wendy came in, she saw that his slender legs were casually placed on the tea table in her room.

It looked like he was in his own room, but this was indeed his home. Wendy couldn't help feeling cold and bitter in her heart.

"The noodles are ready. Aren't you hungry?" Wendy said lazily.

"Have you eaten? You can eat with me. "

Wendy was surprised at Leo's kindness. It would be good if he didn't torture her, but she still looked at her toes and said, "I only cooked for one person!"

"Then you can watch me eat..." Leo said indifferently.

Wendy was speechless. How could she think he was good today? Wendy rolled her eyes at the back of Leo, but she had no choice but to follow him downstairs and go to the kitchen.

Wendy stood at the table in the kitchen, frowning and lowering her head slightly to hide her emotions. But she seemed to be very tired.

Leo pulled out a part of the noodles and put it aside. "Eat together!"

It was not an inquiry, but an order.

Wendy frowned and looked at Leo, seeming to be sure whether he was making fun of her or not. But there was a rare expression in his face, which was not as cold and arrogant as before.

"Didn't you hear me? If you could be more obedient, I might treat you better! " Leo had walked to Wendy and looked down at her.

Obviously, he wanted to pull Wendy to the table, but she was in a trance, the sudden force made her more emotional. Almost subconsciously, she pushed away Leo's hand.

Leo stumbled, and his deep eyes became colder, he strode forward, and Wendy was pressed on her waist like a weak willow, leaning against his arms and the table, unable to move.

He pinched Wendy's chin, full of provocation, "How dare you push me away? Where was your initiative at that time? Now you look like a virgin. Who are you pretending to be? " Leo said coldly.

Wendy didn't expect that Leo would say such harsh words, her eyes widened in disbelief.

However, Leo appreciated Wendy's reaction, he continued, "Or did you hook up with other men, such as Ellis? So you don't like the old one now? I didn't know you are... You are such a wanton woman! "

Leo pinched Wendy's chin. Perhaps it was because of his great strength that she felt that her chin was too painful to have an intuition. The pain had spread to her heart.

What was Leo talking about?

How did he know Ellis? What did he mean?

Wendy's heart raced, but her eyes were filled with panic and pain.

It seemed that Leo was enjoy the scene.

Wendy couldn't stand the ridicule in Leo's eyes, as if an arrow was stabbed into her chest.

"You... What do you mean? "

"Well, I have seen everything, including... What you did in Ellis's apartment! " Wendy seemed to be struck by a thunder, and her whole body was stiff. "You are quite bold. You even hooked up with my best friend. What kind of ambition do you have? "

What Leo said in her ear was aggressive, Wendy felt that there was only coldness behind her.

Her mind was running fast, it turned out that last time, Shelly said someone told her? It was not until Leo revealed all these things to Shelly that Shelly found that she was in the apartment with Ellis.

It turned out that this man knew everything and kept everything in his heart.

It was so horrible!

All of a sudden, Wendy felt colder on her back. With lingering fear, she pushed away Leo who was pressing on her, he staggered and she roared, "So what! You want to tell all these things to Mrs. Geor

gina, and then ask her to drive me out of your family, so that you don't have to act with me, and you don't have to go against your own will to have a baby with me, right? "

Wendy almost used up all her strength, mixed with the grievance these days, and shouted with a pale face.

Obviously, Leo was also stunned, he didn't expect that Wendy would cut off all means of retreat with him, he frowned slightly and looked at her coldly.

Wendy didn't look at Leo anymore. With a pale face, she turned around and came up. The roar just now really used up all her strength, and now she was a little scared. When she went upstairs, she felt that her feet were soft, as if she didn't have any strength at all.

When she returned to her own room, Wendy fell down on the sofa in despair. Things were getting more and more chaotic, although it was a misunderstanding, Leo had already felt that she had her purpose all the time. At that time, as long as he told Georgina, she would definitely be driven out of the Jiang Family.

If she can't finish Leah's task, then... Her mother's medical fees would be gone, and she would never have her own home for the rest of her life!

More importantly, she had lost her virginity because of this matter, it was really a ridiculous thing...

The more Wendy thought about it, the sadder she felt, and she only felt sorry for her mother!

Otherwise, she should be shameless to beg Leo not to tell anyone about it? But that evil man... She really couldn't pull a long face with him.

She hadn't eaten much for the whole day, and she was too emotional at night, now Wendy felt so tired that she couldn't open her eyes.

It was already dawn. Wendy had something on her mind, so she didn't sleep well, she must be very tired last night, so she could just fall asleep. But... But now Wendy felt dizzy, and she was also very sad.

It seemed that she could leave here soon, she didn't know if it was a start of relief or misfortune. But how about the medical fees of her mother?

At the thought of this, Wendy's mood was not as bright as the morning sunshine. Instead, it was filled with gloom.

She felt sad!

After a long time, Wendy felt that she couldn't do this, and she had to get up. No matter how she was treated by Leo, she had to cheer up, then she changed into a light yellow dress.

But to her surprise, when Wendy woke up in the morning, the whole Jiang Family was so quiet that no one was there!

Wendy was astonished. Where did they go?

Wendy went downstairs.

As if she was a thief. The truth was revealed? Georgina had known the truth so soon?

Wendy was in a panic. Suddenly, a hand pressed on her shoulder, she was so scared that she almost screamed out. It was the Waller!

Wendy looked a little embarrassed with her waist down, because the Butler was looking at her with a very strange expression, "Miss. Wendy, what's wrong with you?"

Hearing this, Wendy straightened up stiffly with embarrassment on her face, "Well... Why didn't I see Mrs. Georgina and Leo? "

The Butler smiled and said, "Oh! As for Georgina, you know, she has a lot of things to do in the company. Although she is usually very serious, in fact, she has no choice, she likes to do everything by herself, but in fact, she is very tired. You'd better give in to her as much as you can, so that she will be much easier... "

Perhaps it was because of her illusion, Wendy felt that the Butler's eyes were full of tenderness when he said these words. In fact, she was just a tool sent here to give birth to children, there was no need for the Butler to say so to her, because she had no right not to obey the Georgina, didn't she?

Wendy didn't say anything but nodded, as for Leo...

Wendy didn't want to ask more. Anyway, there was nothing to hide now, if he really told Georgina, then she had to find another way out.

To Wendy's surprise, in the next few days, she didn't see Leo, nor did he come to the resort, she even doubted if he had disappeared out of thin air, but it was a good thing. Anyway, she didn't want to see him at all!

Every day, in addition to visiting her mother in the hospital, she would draw design drafts in her own room.

In fact, she was worried that she would meet Ellis in the hospital, after all, he was a doctor in this hospital, so it was natural for her to meet him, but... For the next few days, Wendy had been very cautious, she didn't enter the ward until she was sure that Ellis was not in the ward.

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