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   Chapter 24 Making Trouble On Purpose

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Leo's words were full of disdain and ridicule, Wendy felt that her heart was cut by a sharp knife.

Wendy raised her head and stared at Leo stubbornly. In the past two days, the meaning of his words was very strange and strange. "What do you mean? Who is the man? "

"You know it! As Leo spoke, he forcefully turned Wendy's face to the other side.

"Don't talk so much nonsense. Hurry up! Leo said impatiently.

As soon as the two of them got off the rooftop, Butler Waller came out. Seeing the two of them walking together in an intimate way, he opened his mouth but couldn't say anything. However, his face turned red in front of Leo and Wendy.

Then he said to them awkwardly, "Mr. Leo, Miss Wendy... I... I saw nothing! "

"No... Butler Waller... It's not what you think. Alas..." Wendy called Waller behind him, but Waller quickly disappeared at the corner.

"What? Are you still worried about your reputation? Leo sneered coldly, he felt happy when he saw the flustered look of Wendy.

He didn't know what was wrong with him.

Wendy was once again pissed off by Leo. She frowned and didn't say anything, but just walked to his bedroom quietly.

Butler Waller rushed to Georgina's bedroom, "Mrs. Georgina... "

Georgina put down the magazine at hand, frowned and said, "What's the matter? Look at you! You are already so old but still in such a panic. What do you look like? "

He took a deep breath and said excitedly, "I just saw that Mr. Leo and Miss. Wendy are very close. They two... "

Butler Waller whispered in Georgina's ear. After that, a smile appeared on her delicate face. "Very good! "

She believed that every man was a cheater to women. Although her son hadn't given up on Sallie, just because the temptation was not enough, now it seemed that Wendy had something to do with it, in just a few days, her son had changed a lot.

Finally, they arrived at the door of the room. Wendy closed the door and took a deep breath.

When Wendy was about to turn around and leave, her neck was grabbed. "What are you doing? I've already sent you here! "

Looking at the angry face of Wendy, Leo suddenly felt funny. "Did I say that you can leave now? "

"You have to change your clothes, okay? Why do you want me to be here? "

With a reluctant look on her face, Wendy was pulled by Leo closed to the door. Before she could notice, he pressed her against the door, with a cold expression, he leaned forward and almost clung to her. "What do you think I want you to do here?"

Wendy could feel the light in Leo's eyes and even the heat in his breath.

Wendy was so scared that she pressed her body against the door behind her nervously.

It seemed that she heard a chuckle flash past her ear.

When Wendy opened her eyes again, she saw that Leo was standing with his back to her. He had taken off his clothes, revealing his refined back and was about to take off his pants.

She immediately realized that Leo had deliberately humiliated her. Although Wendy was angry, she still turned around and covered her eyes. Wendy didn't turn around slowly until there was no sound behind her.

It turned out that Leo had already changed his clothes and sat on the desk opposite to him to deal with the documents.

Wendy was so angry that she almost couldn't speak. "Why didn't you tell me that you had changed your clothes?"

With a cold smile, Leo put down the documents in his hands and looked at Wendy coldly. Wendy couldn't help but shiver, she took a step back, but there was no way back.

"I want coffee, no milk, no sugar Hurry up! " Leo said coldly.

Wendy was in a trance for a moment, what had happened to Leo recently? If the sudden tenderness a few days ago made Wendy stunned and absent-minded, then now, it seemed that Leo was disgusted with her again.

Frowning, Wendy glared at Leo and turned around to the kitchen indifferently.

Soon, when Wendy put the coffee on the table, Leo picked it up and drank it without even looking at her. Wendy felt that her business was finally over and could go back for dinner!

However, Leo suddenly put the cup heavily on the table and said angrily, "Are you grinding it just now? I want some freshly coffee... "

"You... What's the matter if it's not freshly ground coffee? You won't drink to death. " Wendy was also a little angry, she did everything here, but he still had so many requests. Obviously, he was making trouble for her on purpose!

Wendy was almost pissed off.

"Are you going to do it or not? I don't w

ant to hear your complaints here..." With a clatter, Leo poured the coffee into the trash can.

"You..." Wendy glared at Leo, while he looked away maliciously and continued to read his documents.

Wendy didn't want to have a direct conflict with Leo in the Jiang Family, so she had no choice but to go back to the kitchen, grinding coffee for him while tearing him into pieces in her heart.

When Wendy brought the coffee to Leo again, he frowned and looked at Wendy, he took a sip and suddenly put it down. "Do you want to scald me to death?"

Wendy rolled her eyes, she knew that Leo was making trouble on purpose.

"I see, Mr. Leo, I'll change it for you right now!" Wendy pretended to be respectful and humble.

She didn't even provided a chance for Leo to vent her anger, Wendy quickly walked downstairs with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Standing in front of the half open kitchen, Wendy's face was gloomy. "Damn it, Leo, you are making trouble on purpose, aren't you? Then don't blame me..."

Wendy took out mustard, chili and salt from the kitchen cabinet... Then they all went inside. Wendy's aggrieved lips gradually turned into a smile

Sure enough, when she brought the coffee to Leo, he put it into his mouth without thinking. The next moment...

The scene was so horrible that Wendy couldn't help but blush, Leo bent over and coughed hard, he reached out his hand to her and said, "You... You... You want to murder me! Don't you? " Because Leo was too emotional, there was a strong pain on his face.

Wendy proudly stood in front of the coughing and speechless Leo, "Haven't you heard that villains and women are difficult to get along with? If you make trouble for me on purpose next time, this is your end..."

Seeing that Leo was too weak to raise his head because of the spicy drink, she finally softened her heart, she helped Leo put a glass of water on the table and then went back to her room.

In fact, Wendy was also worried about herself. If Leo told Georgina what she had done, she would probably die miserably.

She felt wronged in the dark, but... For the sake of her mother, she had to grit her teeth and kneel down.

Maybe it was because she was too hungry that she didn't feel hungry now, she just felt that she was too tired after a whole day, so fell asleep on the bed dizzily.

In her sleep, it seemed that a white and tender child reached out his hand to her, he held her hand tightly and said to her in a baby voice, "No matter how you bully me, I don't hate you in fact, because I like you..."

Wendy smiled with satisfaction, and then the childish boy also smiled at her.

It was Thomas!

Or Ellis?

"Ah!" Wendy woke up with fright, she sat up on the edge of the bed, with beads of sweat on her forehead. It turned out that she fell asleep without taking off her clothes yesterday.

The sun had already sprinkled from the floor to ceiling window, it was already dawn.

That strange dream made Wendy feel uneasy!

After getting up, Wendy went straight to the hospital, she didn't tell her mom yesterday, so she was still worried. But when she rushed to the hospital, she found that there was no one on the bed.

Cheryl stayed in the ward all the time and didn't go out for a step. Indeed, she had no place to go!

At the thought of this, Wendy felt even more flustered, she pulled a little nurse in pink robe beside her nervously and said, "Excuse me, do you see my mother?"

Perhaps the nurse was also frightened by Wendy's flustered mood, she was stunned for a moment, and then said, "Which patient are you talking about?"

"Cheryl!" Wendy said in a panic, her mouth still trembling.

The nurse seemed to understand and nodded, she pointed to the south of the hospital. There was a small garden there, which was specially designed for patients to take a rest in their spare time and relax there.

"Mr. Ellis... She was there with Dr. Ellis in the garden! " The nurse suddenly changed her tone. Although Wendy was confused, she was more worried about her mother at the moment.

So she rushed into the garden without thinking too much.

Sure enough, not far away, she saw Cheryl sitting on a wheelchair in the hospital. At this time, the tall figure of Ellis pushed Cheryl's wheelchair and kept talking about something with her.

The sun reflected on the two people, and they were laughing and talking. Wendy stood far away from them, feeling that everything in front of her was so beautiful that she couldn't take her eyes off them.

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